Words by Bolly Golightly and last paragraph by Dahlia Daye | Edited by Mia Maraschino | Photography by Etienne Reynaud, Mia Maraschino and Natasha Killeen.

At Sky Sirens, our love of cats is well known. Their sleek, agile grace perfectly reflects the aesthetic of our beautiful studio. You can see our fondness for felines reflected in the constantly expanding collection of porcelain kitties around the studio. A love of animals is also a core value underpinning Sky Sirens. We’ve done a playful exploration of our Sirens’ animal instincts by asking our team “What animal are you?”, but here’s the catch… cats were off limits! 


It’s no surprise that our Siren leader is a lioness. Katia embodies strength inside and out. She is refined, with a mane of golden red hair, watching regally over her pride with her strong protective nature. Katia can be a fighter when she needs to be. She is a proud advocate and protector of adult industry and sex workers, people with disabilities and the LGBTQIA+ community.  Katia does everything to ensure her den and her pride are well cared for, even if it means putting herself last. Her rising star sign is also Leo!


We’ve all seen Scarlett Wilde sit so beautifully at the desk as Siren of the House, bringing light, energy and life to the room. The scarlet macaw reflects her stunning nature, and not just because of her name. The scarlet macaw is clever, playful and can talk non-stop! Luckily, these are perfect traits for the Siren of the House and we love the rainbow of colour that Scarlett Wilde brings to our lives. 


Mia actually inspired this article, by one day showing me a picture of themselves in animal form. The miniature pinscher is regal, refined, and as intimidating as a Doberman… but tiny! Miniature pinschers are active, curious and entertaining. Like Mia, they’re dynamic and always on the move. They’re incredibly stylish — like a work of art, they are elegant without being showy. True to Mia’s nature, they’re loyal and dependable.


If you’ve done her classes or seen her choreography you know that Maddie can soar effortlessly (well, it looks effortless) with poise and majesty. With her tawny, cinnamon hair, a wedge tail eagle perfectly captures Maddie’s exquisite beauty and power. These magnificent birds can stay airborne for hours, and we’ve seen Maddie regularly teach aerials for hours on end, never wavering in her grace! Maddie also points out that female wedge tail eagles are larger than males, which is uncommon in the animal world. They have no natural predators and they rule whatever lands they choose to inhabit. 


Dahlia fully admits that she struggled with this assignment, and found it difficult to look past cats. But while it’s a departure from Sirens branding, Dahlia finds a deep connection with opossums. What is an opossum, you ask? Hailing from the Americas, opossums are not rodents or possums, but sweet marsupials who live in the wild and often thrive under adverse conditions. Opossums have adorable faces, particularly the nose, and a wide smile, much like our Dahlia who is irresistible to all. They’re surprising in that they have a set of secret superpowers, such as immunity to snake venom. They are one of those creatures who can seemingly withstand anything, and like Dahlia, they are smart as hell. In tests they can outsmart dogs, cats, rats, rabbits and a host of other intelligent creatures. Importantly, opossums love to hang upside down. Just like Dahlia!


Rose’s big puppy dog eyes, framed by gorgeous lashes and the sweetest smile make her a perfect Labrador. Rose describes Labradors as mega-dopey, much like herself. But we know that Labs are also loveable and kind-hearted, intelligent and they love to train. Far from being a clumsy pup, Rose exudes the warmth and confidence of the adult Labrador, who has a natural exuberance that everyone finds infectious. 


I’m sure you were all expecting her namesake, a fox… not so! Our Ginger has the confidence and individuality it takes to not just claim but own being an elephant. In her own words, they have strong family bonds and are led by a matriarch, with the females staying in their family groups for life. They are strong in stature, but gentle and have an excellent memory. If you’ve ever seen an elephant move, you’ll know how graceful, gorgeous, poetic and truly awe-inspiring they are. The whole world is drawn to these magnificent creatures, which is exactly what we see when we see Ginger Foxx at work and play.


Fabulous lines, iconic good looks and show stopping exoticism make Sofia a classic flamingo. Tall and lean, Sofia is able to take flight at any time on any apparatus. Her exquisite beauty is enhanced by her lithe and fluid movements, much like the flamingo. Friendly and socially minded, flamingos stick by those they love. We’ve also seen Sofia’s hair move from light to deep shades of crimson, much like her flamingo totem.


Beau has to be one of the most stylish of all Sirens, with her impeccably curated suits and dapper flourishes, much like the red panda. Beau describes red pandas as goofy and adorable with happy faces. Like the red panda, Beau is resourceful, focused, but very playful, bringing so much joy to her surrounds. She also makes mention of the red panda’s obsession with food! Plus they’re so damned cute. In so many ways, the red panda screams ‘Beau’. 


Absolutely striking, doe-eyed and captivating, Porcelain Alice is a classic fawn. Like Alice, fawns are sweet, with a decadence about them, and an air of natural wonder. At times, fawns can be elusive and the complexity of Alice can take time to be revealed. But fawns are natural performers. The long-legged creatures prance and take delight in their physicality. Everything seems new and wonderful in the world of the fawn. Much like the way that Porcelain Alice weaves a world of magic, fantasy and enchantment when performing, the fawn is a delightful being.


You were expecting a ghoul from the underworld, weren’t you? Wednesday is actually a highly creative problem solver who we can rely on to find weird and wonderful ways to make everything work. Foxes are also absolutely beautiful, but they can be misunderstood. They have a reputation for their cunning and sly nature, but in reality they are friendly and excitable. Wednesday also loves to mess with people’s expectations, shocking them when she reveals she’s really a deep pool of encouragement, warmth and love.


This is a favourite of animal lovers and an absolute perfect depiction of Leah. The most important thing about meerkats is that they are completely and totally community minded. They are utterly social creatures, and we’ve seen Leah devote her life and work to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community as an interpreter, ally and advocate. Meerkats are also super-cute and surprisingly sexy. Leah describes herself like a meerkat — small, inquisitive and ‘makes squeaky noises all the time’. We need a demonstration, Leah. 


In true Bolly style, our dear friend and colleague conveniently forgot to include herself in this heart-warming blog. After some discussion amongst a few Sirens, we decided that Bolly most suits the rare and unique Lemur. At first glance, one will instantly notice a lemur’s big beautiful eyes and their impressive coat patterns — much like our Bolly, who is known for her incredible style and gorgeous eyes adorned with black eyeliner. Lemurs are social creatures, and most species live in female-led ‘troops’. Lemurs have a social personality and work together to make the most out of life. They are known for their friendly behaviour, even in adverse situations or around their predators. They are enthusiastic climbers, which rings true to Bolly and her passion for Lyra. While researching these sweet creatures, we found that in some indigenous cultures lemurs are representative of fun, joy and eagerness and having a lemur spirit suggests that one should harness the best out of life, and be happy as often as possible. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Bolly, you’ll know how passionate she is about everything in her life which is why we think she would make the perfect lemur!