Instructor of Burlesque
Favourite Choreographer: Dolly Parton

‘Find out who you are and do it on purpose’
Dolly Parton

Inspired by 1950s pinups and bombshell burlesque babes, Bettie Bang Bang is a retro honey! Believed to be born in the wrong era, this vintage vixen loves to take audiences on a trip back in time, paying homage to silver screen sirens of the 1940’s and 50’s. Whilst she loves this golden bygone era, Bettie is also known for her wilder, high energy acts that bring out her inner rock goddess. 

In the burlesque scene for the past nine years, Bettie has had the pleasure of performing around Australia and internationally. She loves how burlesque has shaped her self confidence over time, and through her teaching style she helps others embrace and love who they are. Bettie is also a five time pinup pageant queen, and loves the pinup and rockabilly lifestyle. She is always super excited to attend hotrod and ratrod shows, and one day hopes to own a 1957 Plymouth Fury.

Bettie is a co-producer and the MC of monthly burlesque show Soultrap Revue, and director of two pinup pageants that support our veterans in need. In her muggle time, Bettie is a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy and in her spare time is studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. 

Bettie is an advocate for body positivity, following your dreams and believing in yourself. She’ll be teaching Babydoll Burlesque and Fans, Garnets Burlesque and giving you the workout of your life in her Bombshell Bootcamp classes. 



Photography by Mia Maraschino, Lauren Horwood and Studio DC3

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