Bollywood Instructor
Favourite Bollywood Starlet: Madhri Dixit

“Let your smile change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.”

Bolly Golightly has been performing and choreographing Bollywood dance for over 20 years. Originally a hip hop dancer, Bolly made the transition to Bollywood dance on stages and screens, cast for her big personality, sassy, playful demeanour and big Bollywood smile. She has performed and choreographed for music videos, stage shows, short films and feature-length films, working all over Australia and internationally.

Bolly Golightly is a proud Indian-Australian and a committed and dedicated advocate of the arts. She has devoted her life to the craft of teaching, and has a PhD in arts education. Bolly is a nurturing and inclusive teacher with a joyful spirit who believes that ‘every body’ can dance. She adores sharing her culture with students of all backgrounds. Through her classes you will grow through her warmth and encouragement.


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