Fly like a Bollywood Star!

It’s a world first. The showstopping art of Bollywood dance…in the air! 
This class teaches you Indian dance technique, fluid transitions on the lyra and ways to spice up your aerial skills using artistic hands, body positons and facial expressions. You’ll learn a fabulous routine that’s part Bollywood dance, part lyra flight, harnessing grace, energy, poise and character. Through this joyful class you’ll respectfully engage in the beauty of Indian culture and learn a fantastic new cultural artform. 
Bolly Burly is completely unique and only available at Sky Sirens. Come and make history with us!

Students must have completed Babydoll Lyra/Pole/Sling or some have some form of previous aerial experience OR have completed Bollywood dance before (for example, if you have completed a Bollywood dance course before and never done Aerials - you are qualified).

What to Bring:
Stockings or socks, sweat towel and water (see what to wear for Lyra)

$300 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Casual classes $45

Casual Class Information
Casual classes are $45 per session and can only be booked over the phone or at the studio. Casual classes can only be offered upon the following circumstances:
1. If you have never done the class, routine or level before, you may only purchase casual classes between weeks one and four of the eight week term.
2. If you have done the class, routine or level before, you may purchase casual classes anytime during the term.
3. Casual classes can only be booked in advance after week one of the term. If you wish to do a casual class during week one, the session can only be booked on the day of the lesson.
4. Casual sessions are subject to availability, and we can't guarantee that there will be space in the class. To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking into an eight week term.