Sunday 9th December | 3pm to 6pm | Booked Out
Sunday 16th December | 3pm to 6pm

Whether you're a Siren Virgin or a repeat offender, it's time to bring yourself and a babe to our free “Open Day” for a Sparkling High Tea and Playtime. 
Open Day will include:
- A an entree sized portion of all four artforms: Burly, Pole, Sling & Lyra
- One glass of bubbles per person
- Sweet & Savoury High Tea
- Performances by our Siren instructors
- Exclusive surprise if your babe signs up on the day
What to wear:
Please wear something tight on your bottoms (like leggings!) with no buckles, zips or clips. Your top half can be a tshirt, singlet or sports bra (again, no claps, zips, buckles etc.). Please wear socks! Please take off any jewellery, and cover any piercings. If you have long nails, you will need to cover them to try Aerial Sling - but every other artform will be fine (you can just sit and watch). Our dress code is reflecting what is required for Aerial Sling, so that you don't snag the delicate fabric. You won't have time to change your outfit between trying each artform - so it's best to wear the above. 
Repeat Offenders
Register yourself and your Siren Virgin to come along and partake in a class to pop their cherry! Have a few laughs together, eat some cake, drink some champagne and convince your babe to sign up to an eight week course.
Siren Virgins
If you don't know any Sirens and you'd just like to check out the studio and join us for a play, you are most welcome. You can bring your own babe or fly solo!