Diamonds Burlesque | Advanced

Diamonds Burlesque will focus on more extensive footwork, body isolation as well as Character and Intention. Students will be dancing to more elaborate tracks, working on musicality and stage presence. Students will continue to have the opportunity to learn about Neo Burlesque and will start to integrate more Neo elements into routines and performance. Diamonds will also cover more advanced striptease elements such as long gowns and multiple striptease elements (ie. corset, stocking, garter belt etc.). This course will act as a stepping stone towards students being able to enrol into Siren Burlesque and Solo Sirens

- Must have completed at least two terms of Garnets Burlesque
- Must have completed and passed the assessment in week seven
If you are transitioning from another studio, or have prior experience and are unsure, please Speak to a Siren.

$250 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Casual classes unavailable