Bronte *

Bronte* has worked as an erotic masseuse for a little over a year in Sydney’s Inner West.

She entered the industry after returning to tertiary study where time management, financial, and mental health struggles led to the pursuit of a flexible employment option. Sex work offered the appeal of self-selected hours and competitive pay, and, after considering stripping, full service, and camming, erotic massage was the best fit for an introverted newbie. 

Bronte wishes to challenge the stigma of the industry that renders many sex workers silent and invisible. She is committed to helping people understand the complex and diverse situations that lead people to sell sexual labour. She also believes that creating a supportive space for those considering sex work is important as workers aren’t obliged to give up their identities or experiences freely for wannabe workers, and clients, agencies and managers can benefit from the naivety of new workers. 

In her short time working in the sex industry, sex work has already helped to further inform Bronte’s sex-positive and queer politics and post-doctorate career path. In her post sex work life, Bronte hopes to work with animals, complete a Masters of Sexology, and birth doula training.  


Photo by Cam Attree Photography, Instagram: @camattreephoto