Wilk Krate

Wilk Krate is a Deaf queer full service sex worker, Deaf LGBTIQA+ project officer and event organiser, performer and former hairdresser based in Melbourne.

They first discovered their fascination with the adult industry when they found a book called Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander at 18 years old. Then they discovered SLUTEVER, a blog written by Karley Sciortino. Karley writes about everything related to sex. Sex work is a popular topic in her articles and reading these articles made them realise they want to do sex work.

Their journey in the industry started when they set up a profile where they uploaded pornographic photo folios in 2014. Then they did pornographic videos for other websites. It was so empowering for them that they were curious about trying full service. They started full service in 2017 when they discovered online the strong sex work community in Melbourne.

They began doing private but hated the admin work and dealing with time wasters. They are now working at brothels in Melbourne and Sydney and loving it! They are really proud to be a part of the sex work community and educating people about stigma constructed by society and benefits of sex work.

They enjoy their spare time going to pottery classes, drinking cocktails, eating oysters, posting sexy photos on Instagram and having important and interesting conversations with their friends. Oh and partying! 

Instagram handle: @wilkkrate