Register for our Private Late Session | Open to Industry Workers Only | 9:15pm - 10:00pm on Sunday 30th June

There will be a private ‘late’ session after the panel, only open to those already working within the industry or thinking of joining. Workers will be given the opportunity to ask questions, gain advice and chat openly with experienced Industry workers and a counsellor. Workers will also be given a printed package that will cover some commonly asked questions and other information. This part of the evening is limited, and you will require to register below to join.

You MUST purchase a ticket to the Disrobed event before filling out this registration form. You are not permitted to attend the Private Late Session only.
Your registration will be INVALID if you don't purchase your ticket to Disrobed first.


Please note, that any information sent will be kept private and not shared with anyone other than allocated Sky Sirens reception staff. 

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