Have your question answered by our Panelists at the next Disrobed event!

After the panelists tell their stories, there will be an opportunity for some questions to be asked by the audience. In order to ensure the panelists and audience members feel comfortable, all questions will be screened prior to the evening (no audience members will be permitted to ask questions on the night). Please note, that not all questions submitted will be answered on the night. 

If you have never worked in these industries before, you may not realise that some questions may be inappropriate to ask. Here are some common inaproppriate questions that workers get asked a lot. It’s never okay to ask an industry worker these questions if you don’t have a personal relationship with them.
- How much money do you make? (or anything to do with money)
- What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you at work?
- What specific things do you ‘do’ to clients at work?
- Have you ever been assaulted at work?
- How ‘far’ have you gone at work?
- Tell me about your ‘weirdest’ client.
- Do you have to do any Lesbian stuff?
- Where do you work?

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