Costume Making Course with Eva Devore

Students will learn basic costume decoration and construction techniques, and assemble a full classic burlesque/performance costume over the 8 weeks of the term. They will learn how to modify and decorate purchased lingerie items, how to create a simple panel skirt or wrap skirt from scratch, how to decorate matching accessories like gloves and headpieces, how to create their own pasties, and many more tips and tricks along the way.

Each week students will learn about a new part of the costume-making process. The class will include some elements purchased for the students (including basic supplies like clips and elastic, and the items detailed in the ‘costumer’s pack’) and some elements which students must purchase themselves, such as a bra and underwear set, and fabric for their panel skirt. Students will be expected to work on the tasks both in class and at home.

Students do not need to have any sewing or crafting experience to do this class. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to create or modify their own costumes on a budget for class routines or solo performances. Ideal for Burlesque students, but also great for Pole and Aerial soloists.

Includes a ‘costumers pack’ with:
300 size 16 crystals
100 size 20 crystals
50 teardrop crystals
2 x small Gemtac glue tubes
2 x pastie bases
Tweezers or a wax pencil

Students will also get access to elastic in basic colours (black, nude) and clips for the panel skirts.
Each week will also included a printed handout with instructions covering what will be done in class, plus extra tasks to do at home.

$300 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Casual classes unavailable