Advanced Sexy Lyra & Floorwork

Take your 'Doubles Lyra' relationship to the next level with this sexy class. Originating from Katia and Dahlia's days as performing Showgirls in nightspots like Sydney's 'Dollhouse', this doubles class mixes sensual floor flow, sexy acrobatics and doubles lyra tricks.

This class is open  to the following couples only:
 Must qualify from at least one point below.

1. Couples who have done 'Doubles Lyra' at least once before.

2. Couples who have both done a sexy Lyra floorwork class before and can both invert/hold their own bodyweight.

3. Pre-Advanced+ Pole dancers who are used to wearing shoes when training and have an experienced level of body awareness.

A pair of Heels and Kneepads.

$295 per 8 week term | 1 hour class

No Casual Classes Available

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