From first time partners to long term doubles - Caitlin & Spencer will teach you dynamic doubles lyra tricks and strengthen your doubles chemistry.

Caitlin and Spencer have been professional circus performers for 7 years and both began in their youth, giving them over 20 years of experience in circus arts. With already successful careers as solo artists they formed their duo act in 2017 and premiered with their now awarding winning aerial hoop act. Caitlin and Spencer have performed internationally with world renowned companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia, and now Strut & Fret, with whom they are currently featured in Blanc de Blanc Encore.

This workshop will be accessible to a variety of levels and will work on various techniques and partner movements on the aerial hoop. It will cover some skill specific exercises in addition to working on flow and transitions. Caitlin and Spencer love to explore sequencing on the hoop and will work towards creating a mini routine with your partner. 

Previous Aerial hoop experience is absolutely necessary. Students should be confident holding themselves up and mounting on and off the hoop. Students will be working with a partner so they need to have good control while in the air. Caitlin and Spencer will adapt skills to various levels so that everyone can benefit where they are at within their training. (Siren students reference: Emeralds Intermediate 2 level and above).

What to bring:
Leggings or tights and a top that tucks in to protect your skin should you wish. Some students like to also work with long sleeves

Give them a stalk:
You can see what Caitlin and Spencer are all about on Instagram at @duohoop and check out their showreel below.

$170 (per couple) | Sunday 10th March | 2.00pm - 4.00pm

You and your partner need to book in as one couple, under ONE person’s name. You will need to organise to split the payment between the two of you, as the booking system doesn’t allow split payments.
Exchanges & Refunds are not available for workshops. If you are unable to attend after booking and paying, you must forfeit your spot without refund/transfer. Please choose carefully before purchasing.