Take a peek at the class routines for Term Four, 2019. You can find out more about our classes, levels and pre-requisites on the Class Descriptions page.

Velvet Vixenettes Lyra | Routine

Song - TBC
Choreographed by
Costume Theme -

Velvet Vixens Lyra | Hollaback Girl Routine

Hollaback Girl | Gwen Stefani
Choreographed by Dahlia Daye
Costume Theme - Cropped Tee and Booty Shorts

Velvet Vixenettes Pole | I Do Coke Routine

"I Do Coke" | Kill the Noise & Feed Me
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Black

Velvet Vixens Pole | Act Up Routine

"Act Up" | City Girls
Choreographed by Oryx
Costume Theme - Black and Red

Bend & Lap | Ride Routine

Ride | Ciara ft Ludacris
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Fringe

Down & Dirty | So High Routine

So High | Doja Cat
Choreographed by Billie Brooklyn
Costume Theme - Emerald Green