Have a look through our Frequently Asked Questions! If your question isn’t answered, please speak to a Siren.


Aerial Sling & Lyra

It is best to have your legs and torso covered for your Lyra or Aerial Sling class. It’s a good idea to invest in a ‘leotard’ or a ‘unitard’. These work well, because it keeps your lower back and stomach covered as your separate shirt may ride up and cause the hoop to burn you anyway. You can wear full length pant bodysuits, or just bikini-cut designs with stockings underneath!

You're more than welcome to wear your pole clothes too (with stockings underneath!),  just make sure nothing is dangly or baggy and you can move around in it easily.
Footwear: Socks, Stockings or Sockettes - we discourage bare feet for hygeine purposes and to protect our apparatus!
No: Jewellery, watches, moisturiser or oils on your hands or body. Please make sure your outfits have no buckles, zippers or exposed clasps for Aerial Sling - as it can rip the fabric.


Whatever you like! As long as you can move around in it easily. Usually on the first lesson, everyone shows up in “Yoga” or exercise clothing as most people are still quite shy. However, as the weeks move on, we find that most people will transition to Bodysuits and Lingerie.

Outfits really depend on the routine each term, and what your instructor has choreographed. During your first lesson, your teacher will give you a run down of the theme, colours and aesthetic of the routine that you’ll be learning. It’s up to you whether you’d like to invest in costume pieces - it’s certainly not an issue if you don’t want to. We just want everyone to feel comfortable and happy!

Footwear: Bare feet, stockings or kitten heels (don’t bring stilettos, unless you’re a heel-dancing pro!).

Pole Dancing

The more skin you have to stick to the pole the better! In beginners, you will need the backs/pitts of your knees bare and your upper left thigh. Wearing a pair of shorts and a singlet that you feel comfortable will be best. If you are feeling a little nervous, you’re welcome to wear longer leggings - as long as they are above the knees. Apart from these basic requirements, you are more than welcome to wear whatever type of outfit you like, whether it’s beautiful lingerie, pole outfits etc. We also sell some stunning merchandise in our Parlour, which you’re more than welcome to try on. 
Footwear: Our Siren instructors wear high heels because we adore them. You may purchase a pair of these from our Parlour, wear your own heels from home, have bare feet or even ballet slippers! 
No: Jewellery, moisturiser or oils on your hands or body. 

Aerial Sling Classes

It is very important to wear an outfit that has no buckles, buttons, zippers, rhinestones, clasps or anything that can potentially snag the fabric of the sling.
All Jewellery, watches and sharp pointed nails and body piercings are also not permitted (you can cover nails and piercings with thick strapping tape - Bandaids don’t hold for the whole lesson).
Ideal outfit choices would be:
1. Tight Leggings (like yoga style) and t-shirt or sports bra
2. Stockings (no garter belts as belts can snag fabric) with a leotard over the top. No fishnets, toenails must be covered.
3. A tight onesie leotard!
4. Socks are a must (no bare feet!)
The backs of your knees and mid-section should be covered completely.

Please make sure you shower before class (if possible), always wear deodorant and bring a sweat towel to help us keep the best standards of hygiene for all students. Fabric holds smells more than our other apparatus - so don’t be offended if we ask to do an “arm’s up” line-up and your instructor will spray everyone with deodorant.

Please be mindful that if you come to class with any item that can snag the fabric of the sling, you will not be permitted to participate in the lesson. If the fabric snags while you are on it, it can be very dangerous for you - or for the next person that uses the apparatus.  


What if I’m not strong, flexible, coordinated enough!

You do not have to be strong and flexible to start Pole or Aerial - Pole and Aerial MAKE you strong and flexible! Our classes consist of conditioning, stretching, technique and routines that will gradually build up your strength, flexibility, coordination and fitness. We presume that you have no fitness/strength/flexibility/dance experience when you first sign up to beginners - we don’t expect you to be able to touch your toes or hold your own body weight! Our routines are also choreographed so that people without any dance experience will be able to follow. If you’re feeling a little apprehensive, follow our guest writer “Virgin Mary” and her journey at Sky Sirens.


What if I’m too old to do classes?

Never! We accept people all ages from 18+. There are plenty of amazing mature dancers who started off with no experience whatsoever.

The great thing about Pole Dancing, Aerial and Burlesque is that you don’t have to be trained up since you were a child to be truly amazing at it. It’s actually something completely achievable if you put your mind to it.


Can I still enrol if I don’t identify as a woman?

Yes! We don’t discriminate against any gender, race, age, religion, occupation etc. from enrolling.

Everyone is accepted and welcome at Sky Sirens. We have a gender-neutral change room and bathroom facilities, and if you need some extra privacy - you can always use a cubicle!

All Siren staff go through extensive training regarding pronouns and are taught how to use gender-inclusive language when teaching. Everyone is asked about their preferred pronouns on their first visit to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable.


Poles (and often Aerial apparatus) can be quite slippery at times, especially for those with sweaty hands! You will find that the more skin you have in contact with the brass, the easier it is for you to stick on. All of our Lyras have a special tape covering the bare metal to make it easier for you to grip. There is no miracle cure for unwanted... wetness (if you find one, PLEASE let us know!), but there are some products that you can use which ‘manage’ the pesky problem. Here are some that we have tried and tested:
* Please do not use Itac - it ruins our brass poles!


Shaving cream & Hairspray

Often your legs are actually dry, which causes even more slipping than sweaty legs! Rub a pearl sized droplet of shaving gel between your thighs and behind your knees (anywhere the pole needs to grip) and finish with a coat of hairspray!


Dry Hands

We sell this at the studio, and it is great for making your hands sweat-free. People apply dry hands to grip in aerials and also Pole. You can even pop it on the pole for extra grip (just make sure you use metho to clean your pole afterwards!).


Dancing Dust

Dancing Dust is a sparkly body shimmer - that’s also grip aid! It comes in a couple of different colours and types - so next time you’re in the studio, check out our range. You can even try a sample on your skin as a tester.


If you miss a class, you are welcome to attend another class of the same tier (ie. price). This must be done in the same term, and this is subject to availability. Cancelling a class and organising a catch up is a simple process, that needs to be done via email only.


Step One: Cancel the class that you can’t attend, by emailing
Please specify the date, time and the class name that you are cancelling out of. Please make sure you give us at least 2 hours notice (or your won’t be entitled to a catch up).


Step Two: Figure out which class you would like to catch up in by looking at the timetable. Then, all you need to do, is email us within 24 hours (no earlier) of your desired catch up class. 
For example, if you’d like to do Babydoll Lyra Thursday’s at 9pm you will need to email us after 9pm Wednesday.


Step Three: We would then get back to you during our opening hours, to either confirm your catch up or place you on a waiting list. If you are placed on a waiting list, we will notify you if someone cancels out. 

swapping classes.png

So, you’ve accidentally booked into the wrong class… or you realised that you’ve booked into a level that’s unsuitable for you… or your schedule has changed? You are more than welcome to change your class - however we have a policy surrounding class changes, depending on when you decide to make the change.

Please note, that you are unable to use the money from one class to pay off the balance of another class. You are also only welcome to change into a class of the same price tier (extra fees will incur if you go up a tier. However, if you go down a tier - you’ll still be charged the original amount). You are also unable to transfer your booking to a future term, or exchange it for practice time, workshops or Siren products. If you are confused - speak to a Siren or head to our Waiver Form.


Swapping classes within 24 hours of your booking
If you accidentally book into the wrong class, you are welcome to change your class (providing that there is space) with no admin fee - within 24 hours of making the booking.

For example: “Oh no! Last night I accidentally clicked the wrong button when enrolling and booked into the wrong class on the wrong day! Can I change into the right class?”
In this situation, we would change the student to the correct class (if there is space) with no additional fee!


Swapping classes after 24 hours of making your booking, and before week two of the term that you’re booking into
If you book into a class, and your schedule changes (or any other reason) and you want to change your class to another slot, you will be required to pay a $40 admin fee (providing there is space). The admin fee will incur between 24 hours after the time of your booking, and midnight Sunday (the end) of Week One (of the term you’re booking into).

For example: “I just had my week seven test yesterday, and realised that I’m not ready to move up to Emeralds Lyra yet - but I’ve already booked it in last week, for next term! Can I move my booking back down to a Pearls Lyra class?”
In this situation, we would charge the student a $40 admin fee to change back down to Pearls. If they weren’t happy with paying the fee - we would advise them to wait until after week one. The issue with waiting, is often the class that the student wanted to book into may be booked out by that time.


If you want to swap your class after midnight Sunday (the end) of Week One (of the term that you’re booking into)
If you book into a class, and realise that you can’t make your class anymore (after week one) you are welcome to change into another class with no admin fee.

For example: “It’s week two, and I’ve attended two classes of Rubies Pole and I am struggling with my technique. I would like to drop down to Emeralds Pole please!”
In this situation, we would change the student to an Emeralds Pole class (if there is space) with no additional fee!


How many classes do I get in my course?

Our regular terms go for eight weeks, and if you buy one course - it means that you get one class per week for the duration of the eight weeks.

You will attend the same day and time for the whole eight weeks. If you intend on missing a lesson, see the above section on how to book a ‘catch up class’.

If you would like to do more than one class per week, you can book into an additional course. A lot of students cross-train over different disciplines. For example they will book a Babydoll Lyra course in addition to a Babydoll Burlesque course. You will receive one hundred dollars discount off your total for every additional class you purchase during our eight week term (please see the terms on our enrolment page for details on the discount).


What happens in class?

Every lesson, you will do a warm up at the beginning of class that focuses on warming up the body with some fun, easy dance steps. We condition the body with some exercises to build strength throughout the warm up. We also include stretching to promote flexibility.

Next, the instructor will go through a few key moves in the syllabus, that is available to look at in the classroom. You will learn something new every week and also revise the moves you learnt the week before.

After learning technique, you will then learn the routine which will be broken down into 30 second increments and repeated over and over again until you remember it! You will be learning the same routine for the whole term. We always change routines when we roll over to a new term, so that if you repeat the level - you won’t get bored!

We finish off with a cool down to stretch out the muscles that were just used. 


What happens when my class falls on a Public Holiday?

If your class falls on a public holiday, we will offer you a class voucher valid for at least six months.

Class vouchers work a little differently to regular ‘catch up’ classes. You can actually book into these in advance (you don’t need to wait until within 24 hours of the class). All you need to do is email us the desired day, time and class and we can book you in if there is space. Class vouchers work like cash - so you’ll need to bring it into the class in order to redeem it.

We are usually open on most public holidays, however over Easter we are usually closed.


What is Nightcap, and do I have to perform?

At the end of every term we host a special event called ‘Nightcap’, where students can perform the routines that they have learnt during the term in front of their family and friends. It is not compulsory to perform, but if you choose not to - we would love you come along as an audience member to enjoy a lovely night of canapes, socialising, inspiring performances and to cheer on your fellow Sirens. You can find more information about Nightcap, and our Nightcap policy for students here


Can I watch a class before I join?

Unfortunately we do not allow people to watch the classes before enrolling. We don’t want to make the people in the class feel intimidated and uncomfortable.

If you are unsure about joining a class, come along to one of our scheduled sample sessions , join the class casually or come along to our Bring a Babe Open Day to see whether it's right for you.


Can I have my family member/friend/boyfriend/child/pet etc. watch the class?

We do not allow anybody (except for cats… cats are great) who is not participating in the class to watch the class or attend practice time because it may cause students to feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Any of the above people may wait for you to finish in our beautiful Parlour, drink tea and enjoy complimentary treats.

Young children and pets (other than cats) can not be left unsupervised. There are lot’s of delicate items like feathers, costumes, books, glassware, hot tea etc. that small children and pets might ‘seek and destroy’ and worse, hurt themselves if they are left to their own devices (except for cats.. they can destroy all of our stuff). 


How do I know what level to join?

If you are coming from another studio or have ‘industry experience’, please refer to our “Classes” page, where you will find a description of all the levels and the prerequisites for each one.

The moves may be called different names, and the syllabus might vary from your previous studio - if this is the case, it is best to email or phone the studio to discuss your experience.

You can also have a look at our routine videos for the term, to have a visual reference of what each class entails.

Otherwise, just book into the class that you think you’re in and you can always swap it if it’s too difficult/easy. Please refer to our ‘Swapping Classes’ policy above.