Finishing School | Lyra Mini Term

Our "Finishing School" Mini Term (available for both Pole and Lyra), focuses on ways to perfect your overall performance quality and allow you to release your inner "Showbabe".

During the four weeks, we will focus on your Lines, Extensions and 'Pointed Toes', as well as flow between movements and smoothness in transitions. Facial Expressions, Poise and creating 'light' and 'heavy' moments during performances will also be covered in the course. 

Each class, we will also have a chance to practice your individual routines (as solo's or in groups) with feedback, as well as polishing your spins/inverts that drive these combinations. 

This class is available for anybody with Lyra experience (from Beginner's to Advanced). You don't need to be an enrolled Siren to join - you can do this class as an extension of your own training. 

When: Fridays at 5pm (commencing 6th April) with Katia
Cost: $115 for four weeks.
How to Book: Click on the buttons below to pay online and secure your spot.

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