Are you completely new to either Burlesque, Pole Dance and Aerial (or all three!)? Don't panic kitten, we have you sorted! At Sky Sirens, we celebrate all body shapes and sizes - proving that anyone can achieve amazing things! Increase your fitness and confidence in a non-intimidating environment where you feel supported and safe. If you're after 'tasteful sexy' mixed with vintage class - you've arrived at your destination!

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All of our students are diverse and incredibly beautiful individuals. Watching their confidence flourish as they enter the wonderful world of Burlesque, Pole and Aerial has inspired us to create the first edition to the "We are Sirens" campaign. This project aimed to recognise body unconformity, racial and gender diversity and new found self assurance. We are excited to share the experiences and inspiring words of these individuals to encourage others everywhere to join our community and celebrate the amazing physical and psychological feats everybody has the opportunity to achieve with perseverance. With over one hundred students dancing at our studio each week, every person is stunningly different and embodies every quality of being a Siren. 
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What do I wear?

Pole: Preferably shorts or leggings (above the knee) and a singlet that you feel comfortable in! We need the pitts of our knees to grip in Beginners. You may wear heels, bare feet, ballet slippers or dance shoes!
Lyra: Long leggings and a singlet or a unitard (you may use your pole outfit). We sell unitards perfect for Lyra!
Burlesque: Anything not restricting movement!
We just want you to be comfortable, so whether it's fancy lingerie or modest leggings - wear what you like!

I'm not strong/flexible/coordinated!

You don't need to be any of these things to join! Pole Dancing, Aerial and Burlesque make you strong, flexible and coordinated - not the other way round! Our syllabus allows you to build up your strength and technique gradually throughout the 8 week term. We assume that you have zero dance, gym or fitness experience when you first sign up!  

How many people in my class?

We are a boutique studio specialising in small, intimate classes. Our Pole and Lyra classes have a maximum of 6 students per class and all other classes have up to 10 people. Smaller classes are safer and mean that you get lots of attention and a more personalised service.