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Get down low to the ground with Ginger Foxx in her Flawless Foxes Mini Term. In this four week course, learn how to take it down to the floor and back up again, with strength and grace, while moving in time to the music. Whether you’d like to be seductive, sexy or pinup-perfect, Ginger will help guide you through an exploration of the floor. This class will cover shoulder rolls, back bends and sultry slides, all while learning to connect and engage with your audience. The use of props and costumes such as boas and gowns will also be incorporated so that you can learn to coordinate both dancing and teasing. Throughout the four weeks, you will be encouraged to embrace your own form of sexuality in a slow and seductive routine.

Pre-Requisites: All levels of experience and fitness are welcome in this course!

Bring: Bring some long tights/leggings, knee pads and socks to slide with!

Cost: $120 for four week (special introductory offer for our expansion!)
How to Book: Click on the button below to pay online and secure your spot. You can also have a look at the timetable to see when the classes take place!