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We are committed to creating a safe space for all our students here at Sky Sirens, and that includes both mental health and physical health. With the summer heat and so many students, things are getting a bit sweaty at the studio! It’s easy to forget to keep on top of hygienic practices when its so hot and busy, but letting them go can lead to bigger problems. Apart from the general gross factor (nothing like touching a someone else’s sweaty, greasy pole, ew!) there are also more serious health risks that can arise, especially to some of our more susceptible students, who may have immune disorders or sensitivities. Something that seems like a small issue to you (like say, athlete’s foot or a common cold) can mean big health issues for another!

Fortunately, there are small things that we can all do that can lead to big results. By incorporating some of the below into your routine, we can all work together to create a safer environment for everyone. We will be launching a few new processes at the studio as well, including disinfectant spray in all rooms to wipe down mats and apparatus, and hand sanitizer in our bathrooms. Let’s work together to create a safer, cleaner space for all!

Words and Photography by Eva Devore


In the summer months, sweat is inevitable. And honestly, we love sweat! Sweat means you’re working hard, dancing your heart out and pushing yourself to achieve the best you can. However, with all the good benefits of sweating, things can get a little bit damp!
Bringing along a sweat towel to class is really important, especially in the summer months. Drying your hands between combos not only helps keep the apparatus sweat-free, but also will improve your grip, stopping you from becoming slippery. You can also wipe down your apparatus if it’s getting a bit sweaty. Make sure to bring along your own towel, as the towels at the studio are not to be used for sweat! These must remain in the bathroom.
Sweat, and bare skin, can carry contagious elements, and lead to things like athlete’s foot and dermatitis, especially in more vulnerable individuals (like those with health conditions that affect the immune system!) Make sure you wear appropriate clothing to class, to assist with absorbing sweat and minimise transferring bacteria. Your privates should always be covered, so make sure to wear underwear under your bodysuits and stockings, especially if you’re wearing fishnets! We also highly encourage everyone to wear socks, stockings or sockettes to all aerial classes. The last thing you want to do is hold a hoop that has had someone’s sweaty feet all over it!


As our studio has grown, hygiene has become more important than ever. With more than 360 bodies through our doors every week, things can get pretty full on in the studio! With that in mind, its important to make sure we are doing what we can personally to ensure a safe and clean space for everyone.
Washing your hands with soap before and after class will not only help to protect against the spread of any nasties, but will also help you to grip better in class! Washing off any moisturisers, natural skin oils or residues will prevent slippery fingers when using the pole or lyra. We also have antibacterial hand sanitizer available in our bathrooms and downstairs change room (it smells deliciously like coconut!) Keep an eye out for the glass pump bottles; pink is soap, and clear is hand sanitizer!
Our bathrooms also come fully stocked with sanitary products for your use. We have antiperspirant deodorant, perfume, tampons and hair ties free for your use in our upstairs and downstairs bathrooms! We highly recommend you use an antiperspirant deodorant before class, especially if you are using the Slings. As slings are made from fabric, they very easily trap odours in the fibres. No one wants to spin in a stinky sling!


It’s good manners to clean your space and apparatus after using it, and it also helps to keep you and those around you safe. Much like at the gym, we are encouraging our students to help keep our apparatus’ clean after class! By taking a couple of minutes to do this, you are ensuring that the next person gets a lovely, clean piece of equipment to use (as should you when you come into class!)
All of our classrooms now have a cleaning spray for wiping down the mats used in warm ups, and in classes like Sexy Flexy and Bootcamp. The mats should be sprayed down and wiped after your warm up is finished, before being neatly packed away. The spray contains fast-evaporating isopropyl alcohol, water and rose essential oil for a pretty scent. Simply spritz over your mat, wipe over with a towel, and pop the mat away. Easy!
If you’re in the last lyra class of the night, your teacher will ask you to spray and wipe over your hoop. This will ensure any sweat and nasties are cleaned away, leaving the hoops fresh for the new day. You only need to lightly mist the apparatus, as drenching it in the spray may damage the lyra tape.
Our pole babes are used to cleaning their poles with methylated spirits to remove any sweat and residue. Make sure that once you finish your class, you clean your pole with metho before you leave! That way, the pole is nice and fresh for the next student. Don’t use the warm up mat spray, as it contains rose oil and will just make your pole slippery!

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Sharing definitely isn’t caring when it comes to being sick. With vulnerable students and staff at the studio (some have health issues and getting a cold can be dangerous!) it’s really crucial that you don’t ever come to class sick. Not only that, but your teacher could also fall sick, and then not be able to teach!
Please don’t come to class if you have a sniffle, cough, nausea (or any other illness)! Above anything, it’s not safe for you to be physically exerting yourself while you’re sick - hot soup and kitty cuddles should definitely be in order. Our amazing instructors rely on their bodies for their income, and it’s not fair to expose them to anything that will impact their ability to teach.
Your fellow Sirens also come to class to improve their health and well-being and we want to provide a safe environment for them to do this. Please do not be offended when you are asked to leave if we can see that you are sick. So please, not sharing is most definitely caring!