We are currently seeking performers for our first Glory Box performance evening on Sunday 26th May. Whether you're a stage-virgin or experienced honey, we accept applications from anybody wanting to showcase a performance. Glory Box is a great opportunity to gain performance experience on a public stage without the pressure of competition. We will be choosing a variety of performers, so don't be afraid to submit if you're only a beginner. Glory Box is an erotic performance evening, which means that we are looking for high-quality acts that are explicitly sensual in theme. This is not a 'variety' show, so acts will be carefully chosen to follow the vibe that we are looking for. 


We are looking for a video that showcases a sensual, erotic style  on stage. The following tips are not essential, but will help the success of your entry:
1. Professional Costuming, Hair & Makeup.
2. Fluidity between movements.
3. Strong execution of tricks (we aren't looking for advanced tricks, just a clean execution of whatever trick you choose to perform).
4. Pointed toes and beautiful lines.
5. Confidence!
6. Please read the "Themes & Content" section as we do not accept any applicants that have breeched any of these guidelines in their application video. 
7. Video must be sent through Youtube, Vimeo or Dropbox only.
8. We are not looking for acts that are 'raunchy' or crass in nature.
9. Elements of Strip Tease are welcomed, but not necessary.


The Birdcage Stage (pictured above) is 2.4m deep x 4.2m wide and will have a rigging point to the left of the stage (for aerial) and an xstage Pole on the right.
The Pole The pole will be a 38mm Brass, Spinning pole on “stage right”. It will be at least 3m high (the Factory Theatre has a very high ceiling). Pole performers must make use of the main stage area in addition to the pole.
 The Lyra (95cm diameter) will be rigged with the bottom bar at approximately 1.9m from the ground. There is approx. 1m of rope above the Lyra. We are still waiting for ceiling height measurements. All aerialist performers must make use of the main stage area in addition to the apparatus.
There is also one other rigging point available for Rope/Shibari performers only. Unfortunately this venue can’t support multiple rigged apparatus - so for now there will only be Lyra and Rope acts allowed.
Any glitter or confetti, water or messy items are BANNED! Please email us if you have an idea and we can try to accommodate.


Glory Box is a production that's inclusive of the LGBTQI+ community, people of colour and other minority groups. We are very strict with ensuring that performances do not exclude individuals so we have put restrictions in place in terms of act concepts, costuming, dance movements and music.
We do not allow cultural appropriation, homophobia or the sexualisation of any culture, job or religion. *
Here is a link and another link that explain what this is (and what is and isn't acceptable).
Some common concepts that are banned: Naughty Nurse, Naughty Nun, Naughty Police, Naughty Fireman ,  School Student / Teacher, Sexy Devil / Angel.
* If you are a person of colour who has lighter skin or is commonly misconceived as white, you are obviously allowed to showcase your culture. Please ensure that your act introduction includes reference to your background to clear things up for audience members.
* You are permitted to showcase and express your OWN culture, job or religion.
We also don't allow the portrayal of Adult & Sex Workers if you have never been in the Industry, as glorifying the Adult Industry can be offensive and inappropriate if you haven't faced the same oppression. If you ARE/WERE an Adult Industry and/or Sex Worker, you are welcome to express any concept related to your time in the industry. If you need advice on the content of your act, please contact us.


We will have a stage manager on the evening, who will be advising performers when to go on stage/get ready etc. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to listen and respect the stage manager and all staff on the evening. 
Please make sure you are always acting in a professional manner.
Strictly no alcohol to be consumed prior to using any apparatus or performance. Bring along something special to wear for the curtain call and when you are out in view of the audience. The dress code is 'erotic & fetish wear', so please take this opportunity to dress up!  Please arrive with your Hair & Makeup done, there is not enough room backstage to do this on the evening. 
Do not use any aerosol cans backstage as this can effect performers with asthma or allergies. These products must be applied before coming to the venue (or you can use them outside). 
Please keep voices low backstage and don’t clog the openings. 


All of the shows that we produce under Sky Sirens are Auslan Interpreted for Hard of Hearing or Deaf guests. If your show has any 'spoken word' (this obviously excludes music lyrics), you must present us with a script so that the Interpreter can be prepared to sign to aid your performance. If you have any spoken word in your application video, you must dub this section with subtitles as Katia (producer and one of the application judges) has a hearing impairment and will require subtitles to understand your application. 
The venue is also wheelchair accessible, so please let us know if you will be having any guests that require any accessible seating.


There will be footage (video and photo) that may be taken of your performance on the night. If you are successful in performing at Glory Box, you acknowledge that this footage may be distributed online and in printed form.
Each performer will receive an edited HD video of their performance as a memoir of their show. 
A photographer will be there on the night. They will be taking photos of the general vibe of the night, backstage and the highlights of some performances.

Full Name *
Full Name
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You must acknowledge that you have read and understood the above "Glory Box Perfomer Information". By submitting your application, and ticking this box - you agree to the policies regarding 'Video Application', 'Stage & Apparatus', 'Themes & Content', 'Performer Etiquette', 'Accessibility' and 'Photography & Video'. 

Please submit your application through the form on this page with the following information:

Full Name
We need to know your full legal name for the application process only.
 Stage Name
We need to know your full stage name. We will refer to you by your stage name for the entirety of the application process and on the evening of the performance.
Email Address & Phone Number
We require your email address and phone number to contact you if you're successful.
Studio you're representing
If you are currently studying at a Pole, Dance or Aerial studio - please let us know which one. If you don't wish to represent your studio, please write 'none'.
Performer Bio
Four sentences about yourself as a performer.
Video Submission Link
Please provide a link to Youtube or Vimeo of a full-length, unedited* video of your performance. The video must be at least 2 minutes and maximum 4 minutes in duration. There must be sound, and the video must be clear. The video submission does not have to be the same performance as what you will showcase on the evening - but it must depict a similar style and apparatus (if you use one). For example, if you want to showcase pole - you must apply with a pole video. * Unedited refers to no cutting and pasting of different clips to create a whole piece (eg. no showreels).
Type of Performance
Please tick the box of the type of performance that you will be showcasing on the evening. If you are applying with a piece that is not one of the common options, please write this in the box below.
Description of Act
Please write a rough description of the type of act that you'd like to showcase on the evening. You may change this description after your submission at the producer's discretion. Please be aware that if your act description does change, it may be rejected and your performance may be withdrawn. In the application process, the act description plays a huge part as we need to ensure a diverse range of performances for the evening. 
Terms & Conditions
You must acknowledge that you have read and understood the above "Glory Box Perfomer Information". By submitting your application, and ticking this box - you agree to the policies regarding 'Video Application', 'Stage & Apparatus', 'Themes & Content', 'Performer Etiquette', 'Accessibility' and 'Photography & Video'. 

We are looking for applicants to represent a range of studios - you don't need to be a member of Sky Sirens to perform. 

Glory Box is a performance opportunity for both emerging, beginner performers and established industry professionals. We have a small number of paid performance spots available for professional acts within the show. If you would like to submit an act for one of our paid spots, please specify this in the description of your act.

Applications will close on midnight Monday 29th April. Successful applicants will be notified on Friday3rd May.