Katia will take you through hypnotising transitions on the Lyra!

This workshop will focus on creating smooth combinations that will allow you to float from one move to the next on the lyra. You will learn a series of spins that combine interesting rolls, melting transitions and effortless flow. Manipulating and moving through the mid-area of the hoop is one of Katia's favourite techniques, and she is excited to share her hypno-teasing secrets. 

Pearls (Intermediate 1) Lyra and above experience. You just need to be able to have a general understanding of how to manipulate and sit in the lyra. Strong inverts are not necessary. You can do all of the tricks on a low or high hoop. Being able to do a side sit, babe in the moon, mermaid/angel and delilah are essential (and delilah to crescent moon is beneficial but not necessary!). 

All bookings are paid in full and can not be refunded or credited to any other service or product at Sky Sirens once purchased. Students from other studios are most welcome!

$75 | Sunday 2nd September | 5:30pm - 7:00pm | SOLD OUT