Take a peek into our most recent staff cake-themed photo shoot. See what our sweet Sirens got up to behind the scenes surrounded by delectable cupcakes! 

Photographer: Miss Roseanna Watson at The Pixel Pixie
Stylist: Miss Katia Schwartz
Cakes: Copper Fork Cakes
Wardrobe: Miss Katia Schwartz
Models: Miss Porcelain Alice, Miss Lauren LaRouge, Miss Rosie Rivette, Miss Lola Grace, Miss Liz Taylor

What do you get when you combine our sexy Sirens with a range of delicious cakes and cupcakes? A whole lot of sugar and spice! We were lucky to have the amazing Emma Salmon, from The Black Light, come to our studio and spend a day taking snaps of our beautiful staff for our latest studio shoot.

This candy-coloured concept was thought up by our head Siren, Katia Schwartz, tempting our staff and students to allow themselves to indulge in whatever treats they desire, whether it be a sweet cupcake or a new class. We dolled up our girls, painted their lips red and got them in front of the camera.

And don't forget the cakes! We ordered the sweetest cakes and cupcakes we could imagine from Copper Fork Cakes especially for the day. They were a perfect match for the sparkly floral nail art by Lauren LaRouge at Nailed by LaRouge! The hardest part of the day was trying not to devour the cakes before they got in front of the camera. I'm sure you can imagine it's not easy posing next to a cherry-topped cupcake dripping with chocolate without wanting to take a bite! These were the same cakes served at our last Nightcap so you know how delicious they were! Don't worry, we all got to indulge in the sweet treats after the shoot; the cakes didn't last long after that!

Keep an eye out on our social media for the final photos, they're sure to satisfy your sweet tooth! 
In the mean time, get yourself a sweet treat, sit back and take a peek into what our staff got up to behind the scenes!