With Nightcap approaching, we decided to delve into how to prepare for a performance. We always get asked so many questions about where to purchase last minute goodies and what to bring along on the evening. So, sip on some tea and let us reveal our Showtime secrets!
Words by Katia Schwartz


We love a good Red Lipstick. If you're wanting an everyday pick (not just for one event!) we love Mac Ruby Woo (from Myer or Mac stores). Our budget option is Revlon Colourstay “Top tomato”.

Who has trouble getting their wings perfect? These two liquid eyeliners give that perfect curve you're after. Try Shu Uemura “Calligraph:ink Liquid eyeliner” (from QVB or David Jones) or NYX Matte liquid (from Priceline) as a cheaper alternative.

It's always a good idea to wear False Eyelashes to make your eyes stand out on stage. A quick, cheaper option are the Manicare glam eyes (chemist). Or, if you're after something more glamorous try Shu Uemura's Premium lash collection (from QVB or David Jones).

Pasties are not only great for our Burly dancers, but also Pole & Aerial performers that want to avoid a nip-slip. If you're after something last minute, we suggest heading to High Heels, Max Black, House of Priscilla. We always get asked how to stick pasties on! Here are some useful applications: double sided tape from Bunnings, eyelash glue, spirit gum from House of Priscilla and Hollywood tape.

Bringing along more than one pair of stockings is a must for any performance - just in case of a tear! Myer & David Jones have a great selection of stayups and full brief stockings. High Heels on Crown street also have great back-seam options for a decent price. Kitten D’amour also have some if you're after something a little more decorative.

Here are some essentials that should be on your performance bag checklist!
 Double sided tape, Bobby Pins, Clear Nail polish (for stockings), Nipple covers (or pasties), Tampons, Nude g-string or second gstring under outfit, Hand-held mirror, Hairspray, Deodorant (roll on), Perfume, Hair elastics, Eyelash glue, Bandaids, Emergency sewing kit + safety pins, Scissors, Pole Grip, A second pair of shoes (in case your first pair breaks) and Makeup for touching up.

Looking after your body is super important before your show (and always!). Go to bed early the night before to make sure you have enough beauty sleep! It's a great idea to have a big breakfast in the morning, drink water all day and bring a bottle on the evening. Pack a bag of snacks for backstage (eg. a museli bar and chocolate) to give yourself a little sugar rush in the evening. Ensure that you stretch properly before your show and remember not to drink alcohol before you perform. 

Make sure your nails are painted the day before (to avoid chipping and rushing on the day!). Prepare your costumes and pack your bag the night before. Write a checklist and tick the items off before you leave. If you have more than one routine, have a separate lingerie-bag for each outfit so that you don’t get confused. Don’t moisturise the day of your show (we don’t want you to slip!). Come as ready as you can be, as often there is no room to do makeup & hair on site.

If you're one for getting nervous, here are a few of our tips to settle those nerves and embrace how fun performing can be! 
-Breathing exercises.
- Stay around the people who are in your routine for moral support.
- Take selfies in your costumes to distract yourself with how amazing you look.
- Small sips of water.
- Try not to talk to any audience members within 15 minutes prior to your show. 
- Popping your earphones in and having a little groove to your favourite track or listening to your routine song.