It's the most wonderful time of the year! The days are long, the nights are steamy, and you might be lucky enough to have some time off work to spend with family (or at the beach!) Here are Sky Sirens we are excited to have a little holiday too, and the studio will be closing for three weeks between the 18th of December and the 8th of January. But don't despair Siren, there is plenty to keep you busy in that time! From holiday workshops and costuming sessions, to ideas to keep you fit as a fiddle (even after Christmas lunch!) here is our guide to getting your Sky Sirens fix in the silly season!

Words by Eva Devore
Photography by What a Big Camera, Vertigo Photography & Katia Schwartz


The studio might be taking a break during the holiday season but that doesn't mean there aren't any opportunities for you to come in! We have a huge catalogue of Christmas workshops online now, covering pole, lyra, burlesque and more!

Whether you want to brush up on your skills, nail that nemesis move or learn something entirely new, there is a workshop to suit everyone. We even have special guest workshops, including Cirque du Soleil's Jessica Ward and Adrian of Andromeda Circus! Head on over here to peruse our workshops, as places are strictly limited!


While we are looking forward to a relaxing holiday, we don't want to lose all our progress for the year! Three weeks off may not seem like long, but you would be surprised at how quickly you can lose your strength and flexibility progress.

Try incorporating some conditioning into your time off. Stretching at home is easy, and there apps and youtube channels with guided stretching sequences to follow along to. You can even stretch in front of the TV! If you're a dancer that uses platform pole shoes, practice walking in them by wearing them around the house. Pop on a fun playlist and dance through the housework in your sexy shoes!


Take the opportunity to get outside and experience the summer sunshine! Head to the local park and swing on the monkey bars, or find a park with an outdoor gym you can use. There is even a public pole at the gym at Bondi beach! Do some yoga on the beach, or jump in for a swim in the ocean or pool - swimming is a great exercise that doesn't put much pressure on your muscles, while helping keep your shoulders strong!

If you need to beat the heat, hit up your local shopping centre and take advantage of the air-conditioning while you peruse the post-Christmas sales. You wouldn't believe how many steps you can make up with an energetic shopping spree!



Use some of your hard-earned time off to get crafty and create something special to wear in the new year! Park yourself on the couch with a festive film and cover a bodysuit or knickers in rhinestones, or try your hand at making pasties. If you're an avid sewer, why not take this time to start that costume project you've been putting off? There are lots of cute lingerie patterns and DIY tutorials online to get you inspired.

If you've got the crafting bug but don't know where to start, join Miss Eva for her Classic Costuming Workshop, where you can learn to make a Boston bralette and panel skirt in a guided workshop. Your costume will be all sorted and sparkling for Nightcap next term!