Miss Maddie is currently studying a Diploma of Massage Therapy and is now offering her services at Sky Sirens in a ‘pop-up parlour’! To arrange a booking with Maddie,
please fill out the online booking request below.
All bookings & payments are to be made directly with Maddie.
Treat yourself and book meow!

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Kittens on the go
30 minutes | Back, Neck & Shoulders | $40
Therapeutic relaxation massage to reduce muscle tension in areas that commonly carry the most tension.

Pampered Purrfection
1 hour | Full body massage | $60
Therapeutic relaxation massage applied to all major muscle groups (back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet, hands and head) designed to relax, reduce tension and decrease stress.

Pet your Paws
45 minutes | Hands, Feet & Head | $50
Therapeutic relaxation massage of the extremities. Great for those who are on their feet all day or have a hands-on occupation.

Flexy Feline
30 mins | Full body stretching | $40
Combination of passive and resisted stretches and joint rotations designed to help increase mobility, lengthen the muscles and accelerate recovery from training.

15 minutes $15 | 30 minutes $30 | Back, Neck & Head
Light touch massage and ‘tickles’ using fingernails. Great for unwinding after a hard day. 

Oil is applied for “Kittens on the go” and “Pampered Purrfection” so these services should not be booked just before a class for safety reasons.