What is your favourite Apparatus?
Lyra, because it's a beautiful artform to start with, plus it is easy to see improvements each week, without getting discouraged.

How long have you been dancing in the Lyra?
12 weeks - four week mini-term and eight week term.

Did you ever feel nervous when you first started Lyra? 
I was ridiculously nervous before my first class. I was going to be doing an activity I had never done, wearing clothes much tighter and more revealing than I would usually be comfortable wearing as a larger lady. I worried that I wouldn't be able to do anything, that the other people would be disgusted by me because of my size and that I would leave feeling dejected and unhappy.

How does Lyra make you feel?
Lyra makes me feel incredibly empowered. I have had so much more success than I thought I would. When I manage to get some of the positions, it's such a feeling of achievement. I have never been made to feel uncomfortable. The whole thing has been a completely positive experience.

Who is the Lyra Artist that inspires you the most?  
Having grown up going to many circuses, I have been inspired by every aerial artist I have ever seen, not just those strictly on lyra, but also trapeze, solo trapeze and silks. In more recent times, I have seen Thom Worrell perform live and love his mix of comedy and ability. And of course, my teacher Dahlia has been an inspiration to me from the first day I walked into the studio. She knows how to demonstrate moves in ways that all abilities can understand, while making them look sexy. She also makes classes fun and supports everybody.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to give Lyra a try, but was a little nervous? 
Just go for it. Even if you only do a mini-term or a workshop, give it a go. You never know, you might find it's something you absolutely love to do, plus you'll make some amazing friends.

Has Lyra changed the way you view yourself?
I have more confidence in myself now than ever before. I believe that being bigger just means I have more sass. And the more I see my health and fitness improve as I'm losing weight, it just makes me feel more awesome.


We could not have created such a beautiful project without the help of our amazing Photographer Beccy Spice.
The delicious Siren Hair & Makeup is credit to Miss Mira Mae, Miss Dahlia Daye and Miss Liz.
This project was Art Directed and created by Miss Katia Schwartz.

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