What is your favourite Apparatus?
Lyra and Pole. 

How long have you been dancing in the Lyra?
I've only being practicing Lyra for 3 months and pole for a year and a half. 

Did you ever feel nervous when you first started Lyra?
Incredibly nervous to start Lyra, even though I had been pole dancing for one year I was worried I would fall or embarrass myself in front of the class. It's normal to always feel anxious when starting something new. 

How does Lyra make you feel?
Happy - I LOVE coming to class every week, it gives me something to look forward to after a bad or boring day. Even if I'm not having a "strong" day, just seeing familiar faces at class is always a great feeling. Also nailing a particular move that you have been working on is the best feeling. Lyra and pole has given me the opportunity to express myself to whatever music and style I choose. I've also met an amazing group of friends from all different walks of life which I wouldn't of gained the confidence to initiate and maintain the friendships without dance. 

Who is the Lyra Artist that inspires you the most? 
Sarah Romanowsky and Shannon X come to mind. I follow both on instagram and these amazing ladies are currently performing Aerialist in vegas. I can only dream that one day I might have the strength and grace to do half the moves they can! 

What advice would you give someone who wanted to give Lyra a try, but was a little nervous? 
Just go for it, I'd encourage anyone to at least give it a go. I promise you that you will enjoy it and leave with a smile on your face and the added bonus of a few extra muscles! You've got nothing to lose!!

Has Lyra changed the way you view yourself?
Definitely, Since starting Lyra and Pole I've learnt to love myself and others. I have a lot more confidence in my body and self image. I've not only gained strength externally but also internally.

We could not have created such a beautiful project without the help of our amazing Photographer Beccy Spice.
The delicious Siren Hair & Makeup is credit to Miss Mira Mae, Miss Dahlia Daye and Miss Liz.
This project was Art Directed and created by Miss Katia Schwartz.

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