Meet the gorgeous Miss Georgia, a 25 year old Production Assistant from New Zealand. This red-haired honey talks about migrating alone, living with anxiety and how dancing encourages self acceptance.

How long have you been Pole Dancing and learning Lyra?
I have been Pole Dancing for approximately four years and learning Lyra for twelve months.

Did you feel nervous before your first lesson?
I'd been wanting to do this for so long, and my anxiety had already come up with all the worst possible scenarios, and none of them were bad enough to keep me away from trying! The one thing I was confident in was my lack of ability, so what was there to lose?

What obstacles have you faced as a result of migrating to Australia? How has this impacted on your self-love and body image?
I moved to Sydney from New Zealand fresh out of my teens, knowing no one but my sister. I had to face anxiety head on, and a new place and life gave me a real "dig deep" mentality and strength. I was forced to adjust the way I thought of myself. I was in Australia for 2 years before I even built up enough courage to buy some swimmers and go for a swim at the beach. Pole dancing became like therapy to me and as my confidence grew, I slowly graduated from T-shirts and baggy shorts to a new found passion for “active wear "... (and now, clearly, lingerie). Tight fitting clothes had previously been the enemy, and I found this new experience to be liberating and empowering. Never again will I allow my insecurities to get in the way of doing something I want! My mentality about myself and my body has completely adjusted to a point of true self acceptance. I'm at a point now where having a nipple slip means that I held a bloody good move long enough to enjoy the moment. So be it, I hope someone got a picture!

How does Pole Dancing and Lyra make you feel?
I feel a real sense of accomplishment. It’s like being on school camp, where I come home astonished at what I was able to achieve … (and I don’t even have to get rescued from cliff faces or anything to feel like I’ve achieved something great in life).

What do you enjoy most about coming to class?
The food.... the chocolate cake. No! The lemon cake, omg it’s so good, and so moist. Although don’t make any rash decisions on your favourite until you’ve tried the brownie at Nightcap!!!! It changes everything.

How would you define Self-Love?
Self-Love is about appreciating and accepting all my unique qualities for what they are, and staying true to myself. I honour what it is I know I want out of life, more than placing value on external opinions. Self-Love means respecting and trusting yourself enough to pursue the things that make you happy.

What is your most beautiful physical feature, and why?
My red hair with all its mermaid qualities of course…. And.... My butt, because who doesn’t love the burn of a good glute workout that reminds you for the next three days that you’ve been working hard and deserve all the treats you can find.

What advice would you give a Pole or Lyra virgin who was nervous about signing up?
Don't lube up. Chafing is the new black! Embrace it and everything to come! There's something exciting and calming about being a beginner and knowing you can only get better. Right now you may think you can’t do it, I do guarantee you’ll impress yourself so much you’ll think you’re the bees knees and fall in love with pole and yourself.

We could not have created such a beautiful project without the help of our amazing Photographer Emma from The Black Light.
The delicious Siren Hair & Makeup is credit to Miss Dahlia Daye, Miss Katia Schwartz, Miss Arlena King, Miss Lauren Ingram, Miss Sinead Rochford and Miss Sophie Marie.
The gorgeous 'Behind the Scenes' Photography by The Pixel Pixie.
This project was Art Directed and created by Miss Katia Schwartz.

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