Meet Miss Jacquie, the Pole Dancer with a passion for perfection. Miss Jacquie isn't your 'typical' size Pole Dancer - she's Plus Size! We love her positive attitude and willingness to give everything a try. This inspiring siren is proof that you can achieve great things, no matter what body type you have. Jacquie was kind enough to answer a few questions about her love affair and experience with pole.

1. How long have you been Pole Dancing?
I have been pole dancing for two and a half years.

2. What made you start Pole?
I was working in photography and met a lot of pole dancers. I was super keen to try it but felt too scared. The final push was seeing a documentary on Miss Pole Dance Australia, It just made me really sure i wanted to give it a try.

3. Did you ever feel nervous starting Pole?
Yes I was so nervous that I wrote an email to the studio asking if someone as big as me would be allowed in classes.

4. The moment you realised you love Pole?
I loved pole from the start, but I struggled at the beginning and took a break out of frustration. It was when I came BACK to pole and nailed moves I'd previously struggled with, that I realised pole was my life.

5. Describe your personal style.
My personal style is slow, creative and a little sexy. I prefer to go slow, make each movement a statement and do some of those little interesting moves you don't see as often. I like to keep it sexy but not raunchy. 

6. What's your signature / favourite move?
My favourite/signature move is the extended butterfly. This is one that took me a while to get, but now I find it super easy and I just love it because its so pretty, but also such a strength move.

7. What does Pole mean to you?
Pole means the world to me. It's the reason I want to be an athlete instead of a couch potato, and trust me I've never been sporty in my life. It means giving up other opportunities to focus on training for pole. It's a passion, something I want to work at every day and be great at, and that has made me love myself and see myself in a very different way. Pole is a new part of my identity. I'm a pole dancer now.

8. Have you ever felt self conscious being in a class full of slim girls? If you have, how did you deal with that?
I was always self conscious being a big girl in a class of thinner girls. I would look in the mirrors during warm up and it was heart breaking seeing my big body next to their tiny ones. I still feel that way, but I learnt to ignore it. I am working on getting slimmer and i will be happy, but more importantly it doesn't matter what size i am, because the things i can do are amazing. I learnt to ignore that voice, and focus on what i was at class to achieve, which is rock at pole. The funny thing is as much as I want to get slimmer, I'll be sad when I no longer am considered a plus sized pole dancer, because so many girls see someone like me doing it and are empowered and realise they can do it too. I love that. I want to help others be the pole dancers they want to be.

9. Do you have any Pole Dancers that inspire you? Why?
I have a few pole dancers that inspire me. Jenyne Butterfly is my favourite. One of her signature moves is my ultimate goal move. I saw it and thought it was amazing and i just knew i wanted to be strong enough to do that. A lot of my inspiration comes from my teachers. One special teacher has taught me beauty and grace, another shows me the strength and power that can burn inside you.

10. Where do you see yourself in the future as far as Pole is concerned?
I am extremely keen to compete and perform. I love pole and don't want to lose my passion by working full time in pole, but i want to show off what i can do! I don't want to win comps, i just want to have that rush of performing and being proud of myself. It doesn't matter if i do the best moves or the most basic, I just want to enjoy showing MY pole dancing.

11. What advice would you give someone who wants to start Pole, but is a little nervous?
Firstly, DO IT! You will NOT regret it. It will be the best thing you ever do and it will change your mind and body. Everyone is nervous, everyone struggles at the start, but its so worth it. The best feeling in the world is nailing that pole move you've been working on for weeks, months, years! Its not easy, but as they say nothing worthwhile is, and trust me you wont regret it.

Couch and Portrait Photographs taken at Sky Sirens by Rebecca Karageorgos, H&MU Dahlia Daye, Art Director Katia Schwartz. 
Pole Photographs taken at Pole Perfect Dance Studio by Miss Maree Photography.