Sky Sirens Owner and Founder
Favourite Silver Screen Siren: Marilyn Monroe

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."
Marilyn Monroe

Smooth, silky and sensual, Miss Katia Schwartz is the hypno-teasing siren of the sky. This foxy fatale is known for melting her exotic roots with Aerial Artistry, creating slinky performances that are both provocative and dreamy. With her strawberries and cream silhouette, Katia’s unique erotic-esque style has mesmerised audiences across Australia since 2008. Katia has worked as a travelling showgirl, Circus Burlesque Performer, Aerialist, Pole Dancer, Pinup Model and Magician’s Assistant.

“Seamless, Captivating and Enthusiastic...” - the Heckler.

Katia was inspired to create Sky Sirens because she wanted to create a safe and beautiful environment for people to learn to explore their sensual side and gain confidence. Being Hard of Hearing and having learnt dance as an adult, Katia has always been interested in an accessible way of teaching and learning. This developed the foundation of the ethics and syllabus employed at Sky Sirens.

Miss Katia’s elegance and grace is infectious amongst her students. She is an experienced, devoted and honest teacher that enriches students with her perfect eye for detail. Katia teaches invaluable skills such as extensions, lines, beautiful hands and feet, facial expression and fluid transitions. Her students learn how to create flow, and she encourages them to develop their own artistic style.

Along with her passion of sharing her craft as a teacher, Katia loves to create safe spaces for local talent to perform in a non-competitive environment. As the producer of an increasing number of showcases in Sydney, Katia is a huge advocate of providing opportunities, supporting artists and growing the community. Katia is also passionate about eliminating stereotypes associated with Sex and Adult Industry workers, educating the general public and provides a support network for workers through her latest event, Disrobed.

A note to Katia’s students: If you are taking a class with Katia, please be aware that she is Hard of Hearing. Katia has Sensorineural Deafness and is completely Deaf in her left ear and is losing the hearing in her right ear. She calls her classes “Quiet Classes”, which don’t have background music during demonstrations and students only speak one at a time. Please make sure that you are always standing in front of her when you speak, and don’t try and talk into her ears (she needs to lipread you!). Katia can’t hear when you are talking over the top of her, so always be mindful of being as quiet and respectful as you can. A great way of getting Katia’s attention is to wave at her, or tap her on the shoulder. Please don’t ask your fellow classmates to explain moves if Katia hasn’t heard you ask your question. Sometimes Katia may have an Auslan Interpreter in class with her. If this is the case for your class, please look at Katia when you are talking and don’t look at the Interpreter. Although being Deaf has it’s challenges, Katia is proud to be Hard of Hearing and it forms a part of her identity. Please be respectful of this, and don’t offer Katia advice on ‘curing’ Deafness. She doesn’t need to be cured.

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