Lucie Bee

Lucie Bee is a Sex Worker, International Pornstar, Activist and unabashed Geek.

Having been afforded the great privilege early in her career of being able to be open about her work in the industry, Lucie has committed to using this in order to speak openly and frankly about the industry, her personal experiences within in it and the issues facing sex workers all over the world. She relishes the opportunity to share with audiences her experiences as an escort, erotic masseuse, pornstar and adult entertainer and has developed a reputation for being a fiery and impassioned speaker and advocate. She feels a responsibility to hit back at the habit of society and the media or dehumanizing sex workers and is open about her personal life and her battles with mental health and self confidence.

Lucie has been featured on the cover of Penthouse Black Label and in Picture and People Magazines as one of Top 100 Hottest Celebrities and Top Australian Pornstars. She can be seen on ABC'S 'You Can't Ask That', The Project, Pedestrian TV, ABC2's 'Australian's on Porn', PLGRM's 'Bedroom Business' and has been a regular guest on Radio Shows & Podcasts such as The Rubber Room with Ugly Phil on Triple M, KIIS.FM with Kyle & Jackie O, Sass Effect, Taboo Radio, Triple J's 'Hack', 2ser and 'The Hook Up' on Triple J.  Lucie is also regularly interviewed and quoted for publications such as, The Age, The Herald Sun, Impulse Gamer, Kotaku, VICE and The Daily Mail. Her words have been published on, Girl Boss as well as in SWOP'S peer publication 'The Professional.

In addition to speaking about the industry, Lucie has combined her passion for discussions of sex and sexuality with her passion for gaming and geekery. She facilitated and hosted SEXPO's first Cosplay Competition and has featured on stage at the event and in clubs such as 'The Palace' Adelaide with her own brand of geeky adult strip tease. Lucie is a regular panelist and moderator at PAX Australia in discussions of sex and censorship in games and recently took her ideas to the 'Play by Play NZ' Games conference, to discuss how gaming can be used to educate about consent. Most recently, Lucie appeared at the inaugural 'Smut Club Film Festival' in Perth, in a talk about Pornography's long history in gaming and her time in the Australian porn industry.

Lucie, by her own admission is an open book and happy to discuss the industry and her time in it at events such as Disrobed or privately, via social media or email. Her contact details are available online and her inbox is open for anyone needing help or support.


Twitter: @theluciebee
Switter: @luciebee
Instagram: @luciebeeofficial