What is your favourite Apparatus?
My favourite apparatus is pole because it makes me feel confident, strong and sexy. I've recently started Lyra and am falling in love with it as well! 

How long have you been Pole Dancing?
 I’ve been Pole Dancing for eight years.

Did you ever feel nervous when you first started Pole?
Yes! I had to bribe my bestie to come with me to my first beginners class because I was so nervous. I was hooked after that first class and have never looked back.

How does Pole make you feel?
Pole makes me so happy. I love the feeling of achievement when I first get a new move and the excitement of nailing and completing a performance. I love to dance and pole lets me express the sexy side of dance where I feel like I'm in control and can move the way I want (not like in Latin or Ballroom dance where my movements and musicality depends on my partner).

Who is the Pole Dancer that inspires you the most?
So many and too many to list! I've seen so many amazing pole dancers and aerialists that continue to inspire me everyday. Even some of the students in my class inspire me. I love how everyone has their own style when it comes to dancing and pole dancing allows us to explore how our body can move and makes each individual feel amazing in their own abilities. 

What advice would you give someone who wanted to give Pole a try, but was a little nervous? 
The advice I would give to anyone who is shy about starting pole dancing is to just go for it. Bring a friend to get you through the first class (like I did) if you need to but don't hold off because you are shy. The pole dancing community is absolutely amazing and extremely supportive. You will meet amazing people along the way and it is absolutely worth giving it a go! 

Has Pole changed the way you view yourself?  
Starting pole was the best decision I've made as it has pushed me in ways I would never have imagined to become so much happier, stronger and a more confident person! 

We could not have created such a beautiful project without the help of our amazing Photographer Beccy Spice.
The delicious Siren Hair & Makeup is credit to Miss Mira Mae, Miss Dahlia Daye and Miss Liz.
This project was Art Directed and created by Miss Katia Schwartz.

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