Instructor of Pole Dance & Aerial
Favourite Dance Film: Dirty Dancing

"I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun."
Katharine Hepburn

Airy-fairy and creative, warm and cuddly, sweet, soulful and often accidentally sexy, Lola Grace is your new best friend. This girl next door sweetheart has been free-styling around poles and flipping upside down on whatever she can since 2009.

Naturally flexible and a yoga addict, she is one bendy apple-bottomed babe. A gypsy at heart, Lola is a true bohemian… she loves to whisk herself away to exotic wonderlands where she has trained in pole studios in LA, New York, London and Milan with too many incredible dancers. Her flow and fluidity is legendary amongst her youtube and instagram followers who have bestowed upon her the prestigious title of ‘The Pole Mermaid’.

Lola will help you find your mojo and fall in love with dance and all things aerial. She will lengthen and strengthen those muscles and joints until you feel like you’re a fierce, floating seductress. She has an artistic eye for beautiful lines and strong musicality in movement - you will be amazed by how your own body and self confidence evolves under her tender care.