Meet the stunning Miss Sophie, a 20 year old Hairdresser from Sydney. In this edition of  'We are Sirens', this inspiring babe talks about Mental & Physical Illness and how Pole Dancing has become such a positive step in her journey of Self-Love.

How long have you been Pole Dancing?
I have almost finished my first term of Pole Dancing at Sky Sirens, but I had previously done a few pole classes on and off at other studios since I was about fourteen.

Did you feel nervous before your first lesson?
A little bit! I knew what I was getting into from past experience, but naturally I was nervous because I didn't know anyone. It turns out everyone was super lovely and I felt comfortable quickly! 

What obstacles have you faced as a survivor of Sexual Assault? How has this impacted on your self-love and body image?
I have a multitude of Mental Illnesses as a result of being Sexually Assaulted and from other traumatic experiences when I was younger which has impacted my self image and esteem hugely. I was also diagnosed with Grave's disease about 5 years ago which was another massive impact on my mental and physical state in countless ways. Luckily late last year I was able to have a total Thyroidectomy and since recovering, starting at Sky Sirens was the first time in ages I had started proper physical activity and stuck to it. Doing so has helped me change the way I view myself and what my body is capable of in an extremely positive light.

How does Pole Dancing make you feel?
Pole dancing makes me feel strong, accomplished and does wonderful things for my mental health. I feel so great being in a safe space full of accepting babes where I can be myself and feel confident in my appearance even when I'm having an off day.

What do you enjoy most about coming to class?
I love coming to class because it clears my mind and gives me an hour to be totally dedicated to myself. It's also such an amazing feeling when you conquer a pole trick that you've been practicing!

How would you define Self-Love?
Self-Love is being able to totally admire yourself and admire others without comparing yourself. It's also spoiling yourself with what you deserve, being comfortable in your skin and enjoy your own company. 

What is your most beautiful physical feature, and why?
My most beautiful feature is my entire self at any given moment. 

What advice would you give a Pole virgin who was nervous about signing up?
Just do it! You will be astounded by what your body can do if you work at it hard enough, plus you will be surrounded by gorgeous people who will encourage you!

We could not have created such a beautiful project without the help of our amazing Photographer Emma from The Black Light.
The delicious Siren Hair & Makeup is credit to Miss Dahlia Daye, Miss Katia Schwartz, Miss Arlena King, Miss Lauren Ingram, Miss Sinead Rochford and Miss Sophie Marie.
The gorgeous 'Behind the Scenes' Photography by The Pixel Pixie.
This project was Art Directed and created by Miss Katia Schwartz.

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