What is your favourite Apparatus?
My favourite art form is pole dancing. I think there are not many work out activities that enhance your strength, flexibility, endurance; and make you love yourself no matter what shape you are at the same time, and that’s the reason why I love it. Most fitness regimes are all about changing how our body looks, while pole dance is about showing us what our body can do. The goal is to be able to dance amazingly without having to loose 10kg - that message really sold me. I have only focused on pole dance so far, recently I tried Lyra and Burlesque, they are also heaps of fun.

How long have you been Pole Dancing?
I have been pole dancing for nearly 2 years

Did you ever feel nervous when you first started Pole? 
I was a little nervous but most of the time I felt unsure and awkward in the first few classes because I didn’t know what to expect and whether pole dancing was the right choice for me. However the excitement of trying something new and the feeling of accomplishing something you thought you couldn’t really keep me going.

How does Pole make you feel?
Physically, similar to other fitness exercises, it makes me feel tired and sore, but the difference is I really enjoy every moment of it compared to the usual sweaty gym classes. Mentally, pole dance makes me a lot more confident in my body and abilities. It also helps me clear up my mind after a stressful day at work. Pole dance is also the only excuse for me to wear those ridiculously high heels, I’m quite petite so it certainly feels amazing to view the world from a tall person’s perspective sometimes.

Who is the Pole Dancer that inspires you the most?
Daria Che is really cool, I check her Instagram pretty much everyday. My teacher Lola Grace is also amazing, I love how flowy she is. I also love so many other awesome pole dancers on Instagram.

What advice would you give someone who wanted to give Pole a try, but was a little nervous? 
I am still quite shy or nervous sometimes so I guess I am not the best to give an advice. But speaking for myself, I feel a lot more comfortable when a studio makes me feel welcome and supported. Many businesses offer you a similar product, but at the end of the day, it’s not just the product that you buy, it is also the whole experience related to the product, and pretty much that’s why I’m with Sky Sirens.

Has Pole changed the way you view yourself?  
Totally yes. As cliche as it sounds, pole dance makes me a lot more confident in my own skin, I guess that happens naturally after dancing in your underwear at least one day a week for 2 years. I have also become a lot more open-minded about the whole concept of pole dance.

We could not have created such a beautiful project without the help of our amazing Photographer Beccy Spice.
The delicious Siren Hair & Makeup is credit to Miss Mira Mae, Miss Dahlia Daye and Miss Liz.
This project was Art Directed and created by Miss Katia Schwartz.

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