Music can be moody, melodic and motivational. We ask our slinky, sultry Siren Lola Grace some questions about her coveted collection of music. 

1. If you could describe your music style in three words, what would you choose?

Eclectic. Diverse. Alternative.

2. What type/genre of music inspires you the most?

It depends on what kind of inspiration you mean….  At home I listen to mostly old-school tunes. Van Morrison’s bluesy/jazzy classics totally uplift me. Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, The Doors inspires me in a classic rock’n’roll sense. To chill I listen to reggae/folk music like Bob Marley or Dope Lemon. To cook I listen to jazz or french music like Madeleine Peyroux, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone.

3. Who are your favourite artists to dance to?

For sexy-style pole dancing, I love rock music like Kings of Leon, The Black Keys or Nirvana, but I also love grooving to more modern and alternative genres; dub, trap, Hip-hop/RnB or electronic music like Flume, Drake, Golden Features or Hippie Sabotage.
For contemporary-style dancing I love indie/folk music and modern electronic music: Mansionair, Chet Faker, Daughter, Banks, Glass Animals, Vera Blue.

4. Would you say that your music style influences the way you dance?

Definitely. Music has a huge influence on the way I dance. I avoid mainstream/pop songs because I tend to find them a little repetitive and lacking complexity. I like songs that have extreme contrasts of light and shade, fast and slow tempo, heavy beat and beautiful vocals. I also like my music to bring out new types of movement in me, so it’s great to explore dancing to alternative types of music. I don’t mind music that sounds a bit weird or creepy. I also love to throw in an old school tune every now and then, I think a lot of people (especially young people) forget that there have been decades of great music that was pushing boundaries and developing genres before we were even born.

5. Do you have any tips on finding music to dance to?

Shazam is soooo handy. I strongly recommend downloading the app on your phone and then deliberately listening to different radio stations so you can find great songs from different genres and times. I love listening to Triple J and FBI, but I’ll also listen to classical stations, indie-folk stations and jazz stations. Youtube is great, I often spend hours on there following a chain of suggested songs. Pandora and Spotify are also great websites for finding new music.

6. Do you have a playlist you can share of your favourite songs?

Gosh I have so many favourites. I’ll try to give suggestions that cross genres…
I trust you to kill me - Rocco DeLuca & The Burden
Tinashe - Boss (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
Farewell Ride- Beck
Syd - All about Me
Willow Beats - Merewif
Oh wonder - Body Gold (Louis The Child Remix)
Elliot Moss - Slip
Rosie Lowe - How’d you like it
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Photographer: Ashlee Savins at Leather & Lace Creative
Makeup: Miss Dahlia Daye
Wardrobe: Wardrobelust