Registration is now open for Siren Nightcap performers. It must be submitted by midnight, Sunday 19th August.
If you are an enrolled Siren, and not performing - you will need to purchase a ticket.

There are only a limited amount of performance spaces open, and these will be accepted on a first in best dressed basis. Students will be notified of the run sheet during week eight, where they will find out whether they have been allocated a performance spot or placed on the waiting list. 

Please read the following Nightcap policies & and "What to Expect" before registering for Nightcap:
- Performers will be required to 'check in' after 5:30pm with the stage manager upon arrival on the night. After checking in, we assume that you are ready for your performance.
- We have a lock-down between 5:30pm - 6:00pm where the door is locked and nobody is permitted in or out during this time. 
- Siren non-performers & guests are welcome from 6pm, but not beforehand. 
- The run sheet will be released by Wednesday week eight. But please note, this may change on the evening so it is advised to arrive at 5:00pm to avoid disappointment.
- The change room is reserved for performers only. Performers are only permitted in the change room 15 minutes prior to their performance time-slot. 
- Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited for any Siren performer prior to their show.
- Please remain professional and poised throughout the evening and listen to your stage manager. 
- All questions on the evening are to be directed to the stage manager only, and no other Siren staff. 



Whether you're a seasoned Siren or Nightcap newbie, take a peek at these tips & etiquette to ensure you have the best Nightcap experience ever!

There is a photographer & videographer on the night capturing as many moments as possible, however we can't guarantee that there will be a photograph or video of your performance. We recommend to give your phone to a fellow Siren or guest so that you can ensure your performance is recorded. Please note that by RSVP'ing to Nightcap, you are consenting to videos and photographs of your performance to be distributed on social media and our website. Please refer to the waiver form should you have any concerns.

During week eight, the dividing pillow wall will be opened up (for most classes). Both classes running during the same time-slot will be warming up together and will take turns performing their routines with the other class being the 'audience'. This is a great way of practicing in your costume and also getting a feel for how the room will be set up.
There will be a dress rehearsal in the afternoon of Nightcap. The rehearsal is not compulsory, but is a great opportunity to get a final practice prior to performing. There will be a rehearsal run sheet posted on the Facebook Page 'Sky Sirens Superstar Students' mid week eight. 

You are not permitted to allocate an apparatus on the evening, so please respect your fellow Sirens who require a certain size hoop or pole position based on their physicality. 
If you are between 5'4 and 5'8, we recommend trying a different sized Lyra during class each week to build up versatility as we do not offer hoop priority for this height range. 
If you are taller than 5'7, you will have priority with a pole position that is the furthest away from audience members (for safety reasons!). 

Hair & Makeup styles are completely up to the individual - we think you'll look stunning natural or made-up! If it's your first Nightcap and you're unsure, you can't go wrong with a classic red lip, black winged eyeliner and blush - think old-fashioned glamour Silver Screen Siren.
Makeup & hair must be done prior to arrival as there is no space for this to happen on the evening. No Sirens are permitted in the bathroom or change room to fix hair & makeup after 6:30pm.

Each routine has a different costume colour every term. You can wear anything within that colour scheme depending on your personal taste. To find out your theme, head to our vimeo channel and check out what the choreographer is wearing in the video of your routine. If you're unsure, you can Speak to a Siren. If you are looking to purchase an outfit for Nightcap, we can advise great alternatives to 'Honey Birdette' as we choose to support brands that do not exploit their staff. These stunning alternatives can be found here
It's also best to pack a pinup perfect cocktail outfit to wear while you are not performing (or over the top of your costume). 
It's important to practice in your costume before the night to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. However, sometimes nip slips, popped pasties and stocking rips happen to the best of us and in this situation - just keep smiling and own it!  

Giving Face
Make sure you practice your routine with facial expressions - the audience wants to see how much fun you are having on the inside, on the outside! 
Settling Nerves
It can be super nerve-wracking performing, especially if it's your first time. If you're feeling nervous, take deep breaths, try not to talk to anyone 5 mins prior to your show and know that your audience is either a) super supportive Sirens and b) friends and family who can't do what you can!
Warming up
Make sure you warm up prior to your performance so that you don't injure yourself!
Performing Alone
Sometimes things happen and your fellow group members might flake out on the night. Be prepared to perform on your own (or if possible, with your instructor). 
Technical difficulties
We may experience technical difficulties during your performance such as sound and lighting glitches - although this is disappointing and we try our best to ensure it doesn't happen, sometimes technology get's the better of us!