Pearls Sling Mini Term commencing 26th November ‘18

If you’re an Intermediate + Pole Dancer, Lyra Artist, experienced Aerial Yoga student or Gymnast - enrolling into Pearls Sling is great place to start. In our Pearls level, we assume that you already have the strength to lift your body weight! In this four week course, you will learn how to complete basic wraps, climbs, spins and poses. You will also be working on conditioning your strength to lift and twist into shapes for when you reach Emeralds (intermediate two). Along with learning technique and developing strength, you will also learn how Sling can be used as an artistic expression through a routine that will showcase some of the skills you have acquired!

Pre-Requisites: Must be able to invert on a Pole or Lyra, or have completed up to Emeralds (Inter 2) level or equivalent in either apparatus. Aerial Yoga babes are also welcome to join the Pearls course rather than Babydoll.
Click here to read our ultimate Beginner's guide!

Bring: It is very important to wear an outfit that has no buckles, buttons, zippers, rhinestones or anything that can potentially snag the fabric of the sling. Jewellery and sharp pointed nails and body piercings are also not permitted (you can cover nails and piercings with bandaids).
Ideal outfit choices would be:
1. Tight Leggings (like yoga style) and t-shirt or sports bra
2. Stockings (no garter belts as belts can snag fabric) with a leotard over the top.
3. A tight onesie leotard!
The backs of your knees and mid-section should be covered completely.
Please make sure you wear deodorant and bring a sweat towel to help us keep the best standards of hygiene for all students.
You can also have bare feet or bring a clean pair of socks and bottle of water.
Please be mindful that if you come to class with any item that can snag the fabric of the sling, you will not be permitted to participate in the lesson. If the fabric snags while you are on it, it can be very dangerous for you - or for the next person that uses the apparatus.

When: 26th November to 23rd December 2018
Cost: $120 for four weeks (special introductory offer for our expansion!)
How to Book: Click on the button below to pay online and secure your spot. You can also have a look at the timetable to see when the classes take place!