Take a peek at the class routines for Term One, 2019. You can find out more about our classes, levels and pre-requisites on the Class Descriptions page.

Babydoll Pole | Sexual Healing Routine

Sexual Healing | Marvin Gaye
Choreographed by Mighty Mouse
Costume Theme - Black & Fringing

Pearls Pole | Rocket Routine

Rocket | Beyonce
Choreographed by Rose Royce
Costume Theme - Grey/Silver

Emeralds Pole | Afterlife Routine

Afterlife | XYLO
Choreographed by Sofia Finesse
Costume Theme - Black & Baby Pink

Rubies Pole | Stupid World Routine

Stupid World | Hermitude
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Nude

Sapphires Pole | Great Waves Routine

Great Waves | Dirty Three ft. Cat Power
Choreographed by Oryx
Costume Theme - Navy Blue & Fringing

Diamonds Pole | Ocean Eyes Routine

Ocean Eyes | Billie Eilish
Choreographed by Billie Brooklyn
Costume Theme - Blues & Greens

Velvet Vixenettes Pole | Heart Shaped Box Routine

Heart Shaped Box (Remix) | Imad Royal
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - White

Doubles Pole | Starin’ at it Routine

Starin’ at it | XO!
Choreographed by Rose Royce & Sofia Finesse
Costume Theme - Cropped Shirt & Black

Velvet Vixens Pole | Suspiria Routine

Suspiria Theme (Trap Remix) | Goblin & Various
Choreographed by Oryx
Costume Theme - Black & Red