Take a peek at the class routines for Term Three, 2018. You can find out more about our classes, levels and pre-requisites on the Class Descriptions page.

Babydoll Pole | Ignition Routine

Khamari - Ignition Remix
Choreographed by Mighty Mouse
Costume Theme - Baby Pink & White 

Pearls Pole | "Not afraid anymore" Routine

Halsey - Not afraid anymore
Choreographed by Sofia Finesse
Costume Theme - Leopard Print

Emeralds Pole | UFO Routine

Mallrat - UFO
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Blue

Rubies Pole | To Close Routine

Next - Too Close
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Black

Sapphires Pole | Drunk in Love

The Weeknd - Drunk in Love
Choreographed by Billie Brooklyn
Costume Theme - Pink & Black

Velvet Vixenettes Pole | Sweet Talk

Kito & Reija Lee - Sweet Talk
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Red

Velvet Vixens Pole | Bluecid

Sevadliza - Bluecid
Choreographed by Oryx
Costume Theme - Pink and/or Red and/or Fringing