Take a peek at the class routines for Term Two, 2018. You can find out more about our classes, levels and pre-requisites on the Class Descriptions page.

Babydoll Pole | "I feel like I'm drowning" Routine

Two Feet - I feel like I'm drowning (Wolfgang remix)
Choreographed by Mighty Mouse
Costume Theme - Teal, Emerald.

Pearls Pole | "Horns" Routine

Bryce Fox - Horns
Choreographed by Sofia Finesse
Costume Theme - Blue, Aqua, Green.

Emeralds Pole | "679" Routine

Fetty Wap - 679
Choreographed by Billie Brooklyn
Costume Theme - Black & Strappy

Rubies Pole | "Desire" Routine

Meg Myers - Desire
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Red

Sapphires Pole | "Bellyache" Routine

Billie Ellish - Bellyache
Choreographed by Danny Golding
Costume Theme - Black

Velvet Vixenettes Pole | "Go Off" Routine

MIA - Go Off
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - Black

Velvet Vixens Pole | "Into the past" Routine

NERO - Into the past
Choreographed by Arizona
Costume Theme - White

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