Sky Sirens got a little make-over during the break, and we are so excited to share the results!

The studio has been open for more than two years now, and it was time to give it a little makeover. We wanted to give our Parlour and change room a revamp, and create some pretty new spaces for photos. In addition to a new creative direction for our reception area, we also had beautiful new floors laid in our classrooms, and carpet throughout the studio. We couldn't be happier with the results! With the studio only closed for classes for a week, we were on a very tight schedule to get everything done. We stripped, painted and wallpapered the Parlour and change room in just three days!

For the change room, we wanted to create a different space to the rest of the studio with a different colour scheme. Katia decided on a peacock theme for the room, and found a beautiful, teal wallpaper that fit perfectly with the theme. We repainted the pastel pink walls in a minty green, and fit out the room with lush teal velvet furnishings. With a scattering of cushions and curtains sewn by Eva, our Peacock Room came to life! 

Our Parlour was already very pretty, but we wanted to swap the mismatched wallpapers for a more consistent style. We repainted the walls a darker, dustier pink, and the wallpaper features a gorgeous antique rose print. Laying the wallpaper was really challenging, but Katia and Bunny did an amazing job laying the wallpaper around the phone, pipes and electrical wiring! With some creative rearranging, we were able to make a welcoming space for our students to relax in.

You'll probably also notice a few other changes around the studio, like our amazing new floors! Our brand new lino floors are hard-wearing, and super smooth to slide on for floor work. We also have plush navy carpet throughout the hallway, Parlour and change room. You'll also see that we have a number of bright new chandeliers around the studio too (we love how bright the Pole Room looks now.)

We hope you love the changes to the studio as much as we do! A huge thanks to the team that made it happen, Katia, Dahlia, Eva, Taylor, Maddie, Bunny and Sophia. We couldn't have done it without you all!

Words & Photography by Eva Devore