Your seductive Siren teachers stripped down to their birthday suits and swam in the petals of four hundred ruby red roses.

Photographer: Darren Eastough at
Stylist: Miss Katia Schwartz
Wardrobe: Ms Pai Mei King for Sky Sirens
Models: Miss Maddie Jeanie, Miss Lola Grace, Miss Katia Schwartz and Miss Billie Brooklyn.

Getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to go to the flower markets to buy more red roses than a Sydney florist was definitely an interesting venture (that I do not want to repeat any time soon)! Saturday night was spent de-petaling said roses in my bed, eating strawberries and watching videos of Dita for inspiration. So deliciously in theme! 

Miss Lola and I drove (and got lost more than thrice) to Darren's studio on the Sunday morning to meet the beautiful Billie and our pink haired princess Maddie. Darren (from Darren's Images) is my most trusted, valued and talented male photographer. He always puts me at ease and never says no to my crazy shoot ideas - half the time he has no idea what I am talking about, yet manages to produce beautiful, classic photographs that have lasted me forever. 

After stripping down to... literally nothing at all (I suppose the lack of wardrobe made up for the hideous amount of money I spent on roses) we took turns in covering each other's private bits with petals. Sticky-taping roses onto a nipple and making that rose stay there (especially when the model keeps moving - *cough*.... Lola!) proved to be quite difficult! Darren created a birds-eye view camera contraption that he rigged up to the ceiling, enabling him to take the photos from above. We did our shots individually, and he was able to edit our images to create the group shot. 

Once the birds-eye view photos were finished, what were we to do with the roses? Dance on them of course! The gorgeous Lola put on her dreamy music and we all had a floor-jam on the roses, rolling all over them and throwing them in the air as Darren snapped away (mesmerised). It was a magical end to a magnificent day.