Stretch / Flexibility

Can’t get the splits? Or feel like your back isn’t bendy enough to achieve your dream moves? Pole dance and aerial incorporates a high level of flexibility, and if you’re not a trained dancer then it’s going to get difficult without that extra push! Besides, things always look better in the splits!

No experience necessary.

$220 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Casual classes $35

Casual Class Information
Casual classes are $35 per session and can only be booked over the phone or at the studio. Sexy Flexy casual classes can only be booked in advance after week one of the term. If you wish to do a casual class during week one, the session can only be booked on the day of the lesson. Casual sessions are subject to availability, and we can't guarantee that there will be space in the class. To avoid disappointment, we recommend booking into an eight week term.

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