Burlesque Performing Troupe | Advanced

Learn to sparkle on stage in our Sirens Burlesque course! This class involves learning a troupe routine choreographed by your instructor (every term there will be a different Industry Professional guiding you!). You will also gain an understanding on alignment, shape, movement and use of stage with other dancers. Create a professional troupe performance, including investing in costuming and props for a polished piece. After the course, your instructor will organise at least one performance at an Industry event which will give you real-life stage experience and a foot in the door for a solo career in Burlesque.

- Must have completed at least one term of Diamonds Burlesque or Eroticesque (or similar)
- Must be prepared to purchase additional costume and prop pieces for the act
- Must make time to rehearse outside of class hours close to performance date
- Must be committed to performing a group act and work as part of a team
- Must put in additional hours before the Performance event to rehearse
If you are transitioning from another studio, or have prior experience and are unsure, please Speak to a Siren.

$350 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Casual classes are unavailable in this class.