Hoist up your suspenders kittens, because you're about to unleash that headline honey from your dreams. So paint your lips red, slip on your heels and become a Siren. Book Now.

Siren Philosophy

Blow a kiss, Bonjour and Welcome to the only dance studio in Sydney flirting with sensuality, fantasy and vintage class. Experience an explosion of confidence, treat your body and feel inspired. Burlesque, Pole Dance and Aerial Artistry will tantalise muscles and joints that you never knew you had, releasing endorphins that feel like ecstasy. Specialising in small, intimate classes - our Siren teachers are hand picked for not only their grace and exceptional abilities, but also their sweetness.

A note from Katia

 Sky Sirens is tasteful sexy and candy coloured fun - adding extraordinary glamour into your every day. It's a place where women can embrace sensuality, feel empowered and be pampered. Step into my Sirenesque world of five star service, leopard print wallpaper and red lipstick. 
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