Take a peek at the class routines for Term Five, 2019. You can find out more about our classes, levels and pre-requisites on the Class Descriptions page.

Babydoll Sling | Lost It All Routine

Lost It All | Jill Andrews
Choreographed by Dahlia Daye
Costume Theme - Teal

Pearls Sling | More Than Friends Routine

More Than Friends | Lusaint
Choreographed by Maddie Belle
Costume Theme - Burgundy

Emeralds Sling | I Try Routine

I Try (Cover) | Jasmine Thompson
Choreographed by Katia Schwartz
Costume Theme - White

Rubies Sling | Bringing Me Down Routine

Bringing Me Down | Ki:Theory ft. Ruelle
Choreographed by Kittyhawk
Costume Theme - Black & Strappy

Contemporary Sling | When The Party’s Over Routine

When The Party's Over| Billie Elish
Choreographed by Maddie Belle
Costume Theme - Black & Nude