Solo Act Creation | Advanced

It’s time to debut yourself as a solo performer in the Sydney Burlesque scene! Work intimately with one of our industry professional instructors to conceptualise, choreograph and polish your very own Burlesque act. Your instructor will guide you through the process of act creation by giving valuable feedback, assisting with costume advice, producer expectations (eg. performer bio, visual media and music requirements) and answering any questions you have regarding performing for the first time. At the end of the course, you will be put forward to perform at an Industry event!

Important Information:
- Your instructor is there as a guide, and will not be choreographing the routine for you. This means that you must only include tricks/moves/dance elements and props that you have experience with. Your instructor will not be teaching you any skills in regards to dance - only skills relevant to creating an act of your own.
- You must be committed to creating a solo piece of your own, and invest in costume pieces and props relevant to your act.
- You will be given homework to complete each week, and must commit to time spent outside of class to choreograph and finish your act. Class time will be a mixture of showing your progress each week for your act, receiving feedback and theoretical content and “how-to’s”.
- Your act will still be required to go through the selection process for performing at an Industry event. It is up to the producer of the event as to whether your act is selected or is suitable for that specific event. If your act isn’t polished enough, it may not be chosen (yet!.. some acts just need more time than others!).

- Must have completed at least one term of Diamonds Burlesque
- Must be prepared to purchase additional costume and prop pieces for their act
- Must make time to rehearse outside of class hours
- Must be committed to creating a solo piece
If you are transitioning from another studio, or have prior experience and are unsure, please Speak to a Siren.

$350 per 8 week term | 1 hour class
Casual classes are unavailable in this class.