You've practised hard and prepared your routine, now Nightcap is upon us and it's time to add the icing to the cupcake! Your costume is one of the first things the audience sees, so why not kickstart your routine with a feast for their eyes? Here are our tips to ensure you're all set to shine!
Words by Eva Devore
Photography by Etienne Reynaud and Eva Devore


Deciding on what you'd like to wear to perform is very important, as you need to feel comfortable and sexy, as well as being able to move freely in your performance. Whether you decide to choose a sultry lingerie set, cute bodysuit or some comfy active wear, make sure you take the time to test that you can do your routine in it comfortably! Watch out for escaping bosoms, disappearing g-strings and slippery fabrics!

Every routine has a colour theme, which is demonstrated in the choreography video that you can find under each class description. Common colours we use at Sky Sirens include black, red, blush pink and leopard print! If you are unsure what colour to wear, speak to your instructor in class.

All that glitters.jpg

Once you've decided on what you'd like to wear, its time to make it sparkle! Adding sequins, beading or rhinestones to your costume takes it from store-bought to something really personal and special! You can purchase rhinestones in a huge array of colours, although glass crystals have a much better sparkle than acrylic or plastic stones.

To attach rhinestones, you need to either use special rhinestone glue, like Gem-Tac, or purchase Hotfix crystals, which are pre-coated with a heat-responsive glue. You can get both crystal rhinestones and Gem-Tac glue free at our Sparkle Soiree Costume Workshop!


There are a bunch of sneaky tricks you can use to help you look and feel your best on the night of your performance. Pasties will help prevent any cheeky nipple slips, and you can even rhinestone them to match your costume! You can also use double-sided body tape to secure any bra straps or costume parts in place 

Wearing a nude-coloured g-string under your costume can also help you feel more secure, especially if your outfit has any transparent lace or mesh panels. If you're wearing stockings, make sure you test to see if they can stay up during your routine, or invest in a cute suspender belt to hold them up!


Nightcap is an excuse to bring the glamour factor and go all out! There is no such thing as too much, so go all out with lipstick, glitter and false lashes. Look up pin up make up tutorials on Youtube to get that picture perfect look, and have a practice run before the night. If you want to really spoil yourself, you can get your make-up done professionally at a department store make-up counter, or the fabulous Make Up Wardrobe in Newtown!

Perfect your hair with bouncy curls or a sleek up do, what ever makes you feel like a glamour-puss! You could accessorise your hair with a sparkly clip or some faux roses (rhinestoned as well of course!)