Learn to spin like a professional on the lyra with Katia!

Having trouble creating and maintaining your spin in your routines? Or do you simply want to learn some new spinning technique? This is the workshop for you!

Katia has extensively trained in creating the perfect spin and enjoys discovering new ways to move into the hoop from the floor. In the 1.5 hr workshop, you will learn multiple ways to take and continue flight in your spins in a low and high hoop. This is a great opportunity to focus on one very important aspect of Lyra, from an instructor that considers spinning to be her place of speciality. 

Session 1 | Babydoll Level experience and upwards! This workshop can be adapted for everyone. Working on perfecting your spin before you add the invert.
Session 2 | Intermediate experience and upwards! People who can deadlift their body weight and are working to perfect their spinning invert. Don’t book into this session unless your invert is strong and controlled.

What to bring:
A pair of socks, water-bottle and leggings! 

Don't eat or drink anything heavy before this workshop! Make sure you have a very large breakfast for energy, and don't eat for at least 1.5 hours before the workshop starts. 

All bookings are paid in full and can not be refunded or credited to any other service or product at Sky Sirens once purchased. Students from other studios are most welcome!

$50 xmas special | Friday 4th Jan | 6:00pm - 7:30pm | Baby-Intermediate
$50 xmas special | Sunday 6th Jan | 3:00pm - 4:30pm | High Inter-Advanced

A note to Katia’s students: If you are taking a class with Katia, please be aware that she is Hard of Hearing. Katia has Sensorineural Deafness and is completely Deaf in her left ear and is losing the hearing in her right ear. She calls her classes “Quiet Classes”, which don’t have background music during demonstrations and students only speak one at a time. Please make sure that you are always standing in front of her when you speak, and don’t try and talk into her ears (she needs to lipread you!). Katia can’t hear when you are talking over the top of her, so always be mindful of being as quiet and respectful as you can. A great way of getting Katia’s attention is to wave at her, or tap her on the shoulder. Please don’t ask your fellow classmates to explain moves if Katia hasn’t heard you ask your question. Sometimes Katia may have an Auslan Interpreter in class with her. If this is the case for your class, please look at Katia when you are talking and don’t look at the Interpreter. Although being Deaf has it’s challenges, Katia is proud to be Hard of Hearing and it forms a part of her identity. Please be respectful of this, and don’t offer Katia advice on ‘curing’ Deafness. She doesn’t need to be cured.